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100 green crusaders join Mirror campaign in day 1

Good morning friends.  There are 100 green crusaders are joining the Mirror campaign.  It’s just day one and more than 100 green crusaders have come forward to support the Tree Cheers campaign after Ahmedabad Mirror launched the drive..

“People from all walks of life have shown great enthusiasm for the campaign. Green Ahmedabad will no more be a dream,” Youth groups, individuals, NGOs and corporates all have come together to save the depleting green cover of the city.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) intends to plant more than 2 lakh saplings this monsoon. The plantation will be done at AMC installations, roads, central verge of roads, parks and railway tracks. The civic authority will also distribute saplings free of cost across the city. More than 1.5 lakh saplings will be distributed by the AMC.

The corporates who have volunteered includes Reliance Industries Naroda, Godfrey Phillips and LGS India Ltd. Citizens can register themselves by filling up the registration form (left) and submit it at the Ahmedabad Mirror office. 

This will reduce global warming.  Increasing pollution can be checked only by planting more trees.  So let us join and participate in the more greener Ahmedabad.



Weak monsoon threatens India

Good morning friends.  India was facing the biggest drought of the century because of delayed and weak monsoon.  There is a weak monsoon that threatens India.    I am sure that many will suffer. 

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday, Aug 10 has decided to reduce its estimated rainfall from 93 percent to 87 percent as the monsoon showed no sign of recovery in the country. 

For the first time the Met has revised its weather forecast in these many years. The monsoon has become more unpredictable in the first week of Aug while only southern Karnataka, Gujarat and Orissa have received rains in excess of the long-term average between Jun 1 and Aug 5. 

IMD Director General Ajit Tyagi told to media that the first 10 days of this month had been specially disappointing for the monsoon, making this downward revision necessary. 

He also said, “There has been a prolonged dry spell since Jul 29. Some revival is being seen today with Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa getting rains. But clearly the rainfall is not according to our expectations. The rainfall distribution has also been skewed.” 

The IMD which earlier had predicted to get 101 percent of rainfall in Aug, now they have decided to come down to 90 percent and so. Tyagi also added that the next week was going to be ‘extremely crucial’ for the monsoon this season. Oneindia

They tied friendship band to slum kids

Good morning friends.  As we are celebrating friendship day, the closeness of one another was observed a lot.  That’s why they tied a friendship band to slum kids.  It’s a good thing to know such like that.  And it can be done by everyone.

A group of 35 youngsters from the Youth Red Cross Society, in association with National Service Scheme of Shahjanand College, participated in an health awareness camp in the slums of Juna Vadaj to celebrate Friendship Day on Sunday .

One of the participating student, Sumy Parappuly, said, “We wanted to celebrate the Friendship Day in a different way. And, meeting and spending time with these under-privileged children is the best option. The experience was enriching for all of us.”

“We told them about the dangers of mosquitoes and other monsoon related diseases. We also taught them little ways by which they can keep their surroundings clean to avoid unhygienic conditions. Besides, pamphlets were distributed among slum-dwellers, telling them the importance of cleanliness in their locality.” added Parappuly.

Not only this, the youngsters also tied friendship bands to these kids. Hetal Panchal, program co-coordinator of Gujarat chapter Red Cross Society, said, “This is an initiative to promote cleanliness drive in the slum areas and make slum-dwellers informed about monsoon diseases.” The Times of India

Beware! Monsoon diseases are on the prowl

Good morning friends.  We should be careful now a days as there is a monsoon diseases, that cause by more rains.  Everywhere it may occur in you place.  So its better that we keep our place clean all the time.  It’s good that we be prepare in advance before we experience really heavy rain. 

Rains are here and temperatures down. Freaking out and savoring pani-puris and hot dalwadas amid the splashes can be real fun. But are you prepared to face the dangers that go with it. Hidden in these treats’ are nasty micro-organisms that are waiting to attack and throw a spanner on your joys.

Threat of mosquitos’ carriers of deadly diseases is looming large over the city. Already patients are lining up at clinics and hospitals complaining of monsoon diseases’.

Dengue and malaria are spreading tentacles. In a recent survey, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) officials found that one out of every 140 houses was breeding mosquitoes in new west zone alone. Khadia, situated in the walled city, has the highest mosquito density, the survey revealed.

City-based consultant pediatrician Dr Raju Shah says, “Cases of diarrhea, dengue and malaria are on the rise, especially after showers in the city. These are all water-borne diseases. Kids are most vulnerable to these diseases. Those belonging to the lower-middle class are the hardest hit.”

Fever, body ache and mild cold, accompanied by diarrhea, are some of the common ailments that people are complaining about. Dr Rajesh Rajpal, a general physician, said, “In the last three to four days, the number of patients complaining of viral fever and diarrhea have almost doubled. More than 80 per cent of cases are of viral infection and it spreads very fast as it is air borne.”

And what about AMC’s preparedness to tackle the situation. Medical officer, AMC, Suhas Kulkarni said, “The delayed monsoon in the city has given us ample time to carry out our anti-mosquito drive in all the municipal zones of AMC. The corporation has been conducting health awareness camps and focusing on source reduction of mosquitoes breeding areas. We collect blood samples from 19 primary health centers of AMC when a patient comes complaining about high fever.”  – The Times of India


City ready for date with total solar eclipse (2)

On July 22, the shadow of moon will pass over a narrow corridor through northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, central China and the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. It will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132.

A seminar on Solar Eclipses-2009 for college and school teachers’ was organized by Gujarat Science City recently.

Former PRL scientist Narendra Bhandari said, “I am planning to go to Surat or Indore depending on the climatic conditions. Monsoon can play spoilsport on the visibility of the eclipse in Gujarat.”

“A series of experiments can be conducted during the eclipse as it is going to last six minutes 39 seconds,” added Bhandari.

About the month-long popularization activities, senior scientist Narottam Sahoo said, “The activities aim at reinforcing links between science education and careers related to it. This will stimulate a long-term increase in student enrolment in the fields of science and technology.” The Times of India

Expect pre-monsoon activity in a week: Met dept

Good morning friends. Summer is still going on.  Very hot in all places.  It’s very uncomfortable to move.  Just a couple of steps, we feel the heat, we perspire.  With reference to The Times of India, we will be expecting a pre-monsoon activity in a week.

Scorching, sultry afternoons may soon give way to thundershowers and welcome drizzle as weather officials expect pre-monsoon activity to begin in a week’s time.

The city has been witnessing high humidity which was recorded at 70% on Monday morning. Weather officials said this is due to the south-westerly current which leads to more moisture in the environment.

Officials said that if the temperature continues to remain high, the state could expect pre-monsoon activity like thundershowers, winds and even light rains.

It would be a prelude to the monsoon which normally arrives by June 15. The weather department has predicted 90% rainfall.

Meanwhile, officials said that the temperature in most parts of the state are normal. “In most regions of the state, the temperatures are normal. In Ahmedabad, the temperature was recorded at 40.4 degree while the normal temperature at this time is 41 degrees Celsius,” said a weather official.

Officials said that if the temperatures remain consistently high, it will facilitate manifestation of pre-monsoon activity.

Meanwhile, doctors have warned that as the humidity levels have risen in the state, people should increase their water intake to make up for the water-loss through perspiration.

“Since people are not used to humid environs, they should take care to regularly consume fluids like lemon juice to ward off an electrolyte imbalance through excessive perspiration,” a doctor said.