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Farmers to turn into managers

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New week started. Today is Monday, January 19, 2009. I just have a thought that 2009 is going to come few weeks back and today, we are in 2009 and 19 days already past. Time is running out so fast. Yesterday was third Sunday and I was with family. It was nice time to be with family. I need to spare more time for family.


I was reading times of India online and I read following news. It is really something interesting IIM-A doing. They are going to start a new batch for farmers. We need to educate root leave people. I think that is the way we can bring revolution. More education to rural people, we will have more bright future. Read the complete news.


Soon, Indian Institute of Management (Ahmadabad) will have a different batch of students. This batch, however, will that be of farmers. For, the institute is launching a course on Food supply chain management, to upgrade the knowledge of farmers.


Prosperity of agriculture and related industries has been a matter of concern which has been reflected at many forums, including the recently held agri-business meet at the IIM-A.


The institute has now decided to contribute in its own way and for the first time, has launched a management development programme (MDP) in this area.


The one-week long course called food supply chain management will begin from February 15 and will be conducted by Professor G Raghuram. “The course is open to farmers, traders of agricultural products, warehouse owners, government officials in the sector and anybody who is involved,” said Raghuram.


Revealing the contents of the course, Raghuram said, “The course will cover all challenges and bottle-necks of the supply chain from the times the seed is sowed, till it reaches the consumer. Also, exports and reaching the food to poor will be discussed.”


The enrolment is open and interested participants can contact the institute. “Issues of standardisation, food safety, infrastructure facilities like warehousing and cold chains will also be looked into,” he said.


“The government bodies and facilitating agencies like APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development agency), National Dairy Development Board and Fisheries Development Board need to visualise the importance of food supply chains,” he added.


Ref: times of india


IIM-A to rope in Bollywood greats for film course

IIM-A to rope in Bollywood greats for film course


Good Evening Friends, Anotehr busy Sunday with family. Today it’s all about Diwali shopping, puncture to my vehicle, cousins marriage preparation and at last gardening at home. So, after a busy Sunday I was reading newpaper and I find news about IIM-A. IIM-A is always having my special care and attention because it’s my city Ahmadabad’s proud. IIM-A was having lalu Prasad and Ex president of india APJ Abdul Kalam to address their students. Now IIM-A is going to invite Bollywood starts and filmmakers.

Read the complete news I found on times of india website.


Guess who will come down to teach management students next? Bollywood stars and filmmakers.


After successfully wooing Lalu Prasad and APJ Abdul Kalam to address their students, premier B-school the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, will rope in Bollywood greats to elucidate the nitty-gritty of the film industry.


Starting December, IIM-A will introduce an elective course on “Introduction to Contemporary Film Industry”, which will be offered to students of the institute’s flagship post-graduate diploma programme.


The institute has extended invitations to Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Sanjay Gadhvi, Apurva Lakhia, Madhur Bhandarkar, Mahesh Bhatt and other top names in the film industry to give lectures to students on the Indian Film Industry, IIM-A professor Tejas Desai said.


“Before 30 to 40 years, the film industry was not given a status of industry. But things are different now with entry of players like Adlabs, Reliance and UTV in filmmaking,” Desai said.


“It is important for students of IIM-A to study the Indian Film Industry in the changing circumstances as the industry will require professional managers in future. So I thought my students should be exposed to the various aspects of film industry,” Desai added.

ref: times of india.

IIM-A gears up for ‘Insight’

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Saturday and I am free and relex. No Official visit to office. I was reading newpaper online and I find new about IIM-A.  Insight 2008, a one-day annual market research event is organized at IIM-A with the title Insight 2008.          


Its play time again at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). After all its that time of the year when students get busy playing hosts and organising games for visitors – at the oldest festival IIM-A hosts.


Students of IIM-A are to roll out Insight 2008, a one-day annual market research event being conducted by the institute since the last 22 years. The new aspect this year is the case study competition launched with Starcom MediaVest Group.


The competition is open to students of business and management studies. It was launched on September 30 this year and the last date to submit entries is October 12. The winning student will get a cash prise of Rs 50,000. Insight is an activity with a difference where the interesting bit is that for all those who visit the event its just another fair with interactive and activity-based stalls, but for students its a method of market research.


The clients who will buy stalls and be given a specific brief to work on are ICICI, Reebok, Radio Mirchi, Skoda, Tata Motors, ITC, etc.


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Now, Abdul Kalam is professor in IIM A

Good Morning Friends, Monday, September 08, 2008.

While reading newpaper I read following news and it’s something good to know and read even. Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, agreed to take whole semester at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. This is the first time in the history of IIM-A that a former President of India has agreed to take semester for all courses. Read the news.


For the first time in the history of Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad (IIM-A ), a former President of India has agreed to take not just a session but a whole semester for the students. That too, not the students of one course, but across all courses.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, one of the architects of the country’s space programme and ex-President, will take sessions for students of Post Graduate Programme (PGP), Post Graduate Programme – Agri Business Management (PGP-ABM ), Public Management and Policy (PMP) and Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) from September 13.

What is bringing Kalam to the IIM-A campus is the course offered by Professor Anil Gupta, called Globalising Resurgent India through Innovative Transformation (GRIT). The courses were traditionally offered to the PGP-II semester students in the fifth term. A total of 70 students have been selected for this course from across the batches. During the course, Kalam will visit IIM-A thrice and address eight of the 20 sessions in this course.

“The format of this course is somewhat different from the usual courses. Here, the students are going to work on 10 topics which will help us comprehend Vision 2020. These 10 topics are what Kalam calls – 10 pillars – and cover various issues that rural as well as urban India face today,” said Srijan Pal Singh, the general secretary of the Student Council.

The students will work in teams on one topic and at the end of the semester, they will have to submit a project report as the course does not have an examination system of evaluation. Some foreign students, who are at IIM-A as a part of a student exchange programme, have opted for the course.


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