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Hard Times

It’s usually through our hard times, the unexpected and not—according—to—plan times, that we experience God in more intimate ways,  we discover an unquenchable longing  to know Him more.  It’s a passion that isn’t concerned that life fall within certain predictable lines, but a passion that pursues God and knows He is relentless in His pursuit of each one of us.



It’s usually through our hard times, the unexpected and not-aacording-to-plan times, that we experience God in more intimate ways.  We discover all unquenchable longing to kow Him more.  It’s passion that isn’t concerned that life fall within certain predictable lines, but a passion that pursues God and knows He is relentless in His pursuit of each one of us.

Source: 365 Days Brighteners

5 Things To Remember About Winning People Over

The toughest thing about fresh insight, new strategies and personal passion to see it through is waiting for others to catch the wave!  Here are five thins to help you stay the course as you try to champion a dream, win people over and lead changes of any kind.

■  It’s a trip, not a destination.

If we’re focused on the outcome, we’ll constantly feel the frustration instead of the win.  But, if we focus on the people over the project (or the process over the event) relationships will gradually strengthen and each little step will feel like a win on the way to our ultimate goal.  Remember, it’s less about technique than it is attitude.

■  It’s not “all or nothing.”

We can’t change everyone and everything at once.  There’s going to be several steps forward and a couple steps back along the way.  Don’t let that discourage you if it’s more of an exception rather than a rule.  It’s like a golf game.  You’re going to have some good holes and some bad ones.  When you have a bad hole, move on  to the next one.  It’s not game over.

■  Focus on a few rather than many.

Rarely, if ever, is a one-size-fits-all roll-out effective.  We are going to have to spend more time with some leaders over others.  And, what works to get buy-in from one person won’t work with the next.  It takes time to navigate through the personalities to discover what motivates and builds trust for each person.  Invest in constant and ongoing conversations with your boss all along the way.  Not to get things done, but to keep processing the wins, the struggles and the cost of standing still.  And, then pick one or two leaders to invest in to build a trust and create some key, visible wins.  It will attract others to the cause and you’ll gradually gain momentum and speed.

■  It takes time.

God isn’t just using this change to help improve others, he’s using others to help change us.  Whatever time you think it’s going to take to roll something out, multiply that by at least 3.  It’s not linear but multi-dimensional.  There is more at play than we can see.  With faith, persistence and a commitment to self-awareness the stars will start to come into alignment down the road.  It may take us about 3 years to start to see a tipping point for some initiatives we’ve led in the past-not 3 months.

■  You’re never done.

While you will build more advocates in your camp among the way, it will never be 100% consensus.  You will need to keep refining your vision casting, coaching and redirecting skills.  There will always be new team members or difficult personalities unwilling or unable to change.  What you can look forward, though is the hard part being 20% of your job instead of 80%. – St. Paul United Methodist Church “The Weekly Beacon”





Able To Forget? – Food for the Soul

One of the most precious gifts God has given us is the ability to remember.  There are plenty of hurts and disappointments in life that we should forget.  but good memories become a treasure chest of priceless reminders of relationships shared and joys experienced.

Use It Wisely


We might think our efforts to preserve God’s world aren’t valuable.  But we can all work together to do our part.  Buying and consuming less, repairing instead of replacing it, recycling, reusing, and simplifying are all the best stewardship practices. 
One way we can testify of our love for God and to express our gratitude for what He has done is by tending and keeping the earth and all that it offers.  Until God returns, let’s use our world wisely.

His Mysterious Way

Good morning everyone.  Hear this story and you will see how God move in His mysterious ‘Ways.  A very nice one.  This was the story goes…

There was a girl who has a grandmother that had alzheimer’s disease.  As she grew worse, she required live-in nursing care.  It was heartbreaking.  she always asked the same question over and over, like what day it was or whether or not she’d had her breakfast.  The girl repeated her answer again and again.  The grandma never failed to ask about her grandkids.  Somehow the girl was amazed at how her mom and her uncles repeated the same anwers without every getting impatient.  They understood that despite her deteriorating mind, her grandmother loved her grandchildren and wanted to stay close to them. 

Then tragedy struck.  The girl’s sister Maureen died in a car accident.  She was only 23 that time.  They were so devastated specially her mother.  The day of the funeral, the whole family gathered – except her grandmother.  After much deliberation, the family decided it would be best not to frighten the grandmother with the terrible news.  They thought she wouldn’t be able to retain it anyway, and the idea of repeating it was unbearable.  Everyone swore not to say a word.  But the mother of the girl struggled with her decision.  She planned to visit the grandmother soon—and dreaded the familiar litany of questions.  The mother asked, what if the  grandmother asked about her sister.  She didn’t even know what to say.

That afternoon after the mother visited the grandmother, she called the girl.  There was a long pause, then she said “It’s a miracle.”  When she’d struggled to keep a happy face and pretend everything was fine. But the grandmother wanted to know how everyone was and asked for her another granddaughter Elise.  The mother said “She’s married to Steve, and live near Philadelphia.”  The grandmother asked again for her another granddaughter Carolyn.  The mother replied again said that she was doing well and still living in Atlanta.  The mother began to tear up, bracing  herself for grandmother’s next question.  But instead, grandmother paused.  Then, with a strong voice, more alert than she’d been in years, she said dear Maureen  needs you to stop crying.  She’s in a happier place now, except that she’s worried about all of you.  Maureen loves you so much.  Please let her go.

What a touching story.  And with these we don’t have a deep idea how God move in His mysterious ways. – Guidepost

The River of Life (2 of 2)

Good morning friends.  This is the second part of my article.  Let me continue here now …

To seek permanency means wanting that which is pleasurable to continue indefinitely, and wanting that which is not pleasurable to end as quickly as possible. We want the name that we bear to be known and to continue through family, through property. We want a sense of permanency in our relationships, in our activities, which means that we are seeking a lasting, continuous life in the stagnant pool; we don’t want any real changes there, so we have built a society which guarantees us the permanency of property, of name, of fame…

Life is like the river: endlessly moving on, ever seeking, exploring, pushing, overflowing its banks, penetrating every crevice with its water. But the mind won’t allow that to happen to itself. The mind sees that it’s dangerous, risky to live in a state of impermanency, insecurity, so it builds a wall around itself …

Religion is the feeling of goodness, that love which is like the river, living, moving everlastingly. In that state … there is no longer any search at all, and this ending of search is the beginning of something totally different. The search for God, for truth, the feeling of being completely good – not the cultivation of goodness, of humility, but the seeking out of something beyond the inventions and tricks of the mind, which means having a feeling for that something, living in it, being it – that is true religion. But you can do that only when you leave the pool you have dug for yourself and go out into the river of life.  Jiddu Drishnamurti

Talking to God

I am blessed with good friends, dear God.  Thank you for them—those of many years and those new in my life.  I want to keep in touch with them all, but that’s impossible.  You can help me, Lord, to remember them in prayer, at least.  And if I can’t recal every name, I can rest in the certainty that you know their names.  Bu your Spirit not one will slip out from under your careful watch.

Sit Still

Good morning friends.  I am not a Christian but I can feel the words that they believe.  It’s not the matter of the religion, it’s a matter of how we believe in it.  Let me share you the thoughts that I have read from a Christian book … “Our Daily Journey – Meditations of God’s Leading Through Life “ Vol.11.  It’s a nice one.

Read: Psalm 46

I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1

Patience.  Just the sound of the word makes us frustrated.  We’ve grown up in a society where we can heat our food in 30 seconds, have clean dishes in an hour, and have our pizza delivered to us in 30 minutes.  Instant is common word in our vocabulary:  instant coffee, instant responses, and instant success.

However, God has some news for us in His Word that goes against everything our society tells us.  In Psalm 46:10, He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

That doesn’t come easy, does it?  When situations all around us look overwhelming and it seems we must do something immediately, He wants us to be still?  Look back at verses 1 to 3.  The description—mountains falling and quaking, waters roaring, the earth falling apart—doesn’t sound very peaceful.  Would you be able to relax if the mountain you were standing on began to break apart and fall into the turbulent water below?  I’m sure you go through times when it seems as if the world around you is n free fall.  Relationships get torn apart, a loved one passes away, or you feel that you are failing at something very important.

Still, our Lord God tells us to be still and remember that He is God.  Just the sound of the word God makes us think of many “immeasurable more that all we ask or imagine,”  according to Ephesians 3:20.

God can handle the hard things in your life.  Your part is to be still, and know that He is God.  – Christy L. Stortz, largo, Florida


● What has recently been hard for me to wait patiently for?

● What keeps me from totally giving the difficult things in my life to God?  How much power and control does He have over those things?

Message of Butterflies’ Wings

Good morning friends.  I read a very nice article which my friend wrote.  Many of us will learn a lesson with it.  It really happened in real life.  This is how the story told.…


Butterfly Wings

I just remember when I’m still young, I just love to see a butterfly especially when she is resting on a flower.  I wonder why she love to rest on it.  I ran to the butterfly and try to catch it.  The butterfly just flew away.  It rested again on another flower.  The butterfly was sucking the nectar of the flower.  When I look at its pretty wings, it folds its wings when it rest there.  And  open its wings when it flies.  I asked myself why butterflies did that.  There are times in our life we experience a situation even we don’t want too, but in every situation God is always on our side and He will always care for us when we least expected.

At that point, I was pondering whether there was justice from heaven that allows such tragedies to happen.  But, even in my desperation, I knew that I wanted to believe in God and His love.  So prayer is the one that ease my feelings.  I  fervently prayed every day especially before I went to bed.

I  asked for a sign with butterflies, although I hadn’t heard of butterflies signifying the soul or spirit.  I sometimes even asked for specific colors—blue, yellow and green butterflies.

My agony of being alone without someone on my side just passed.  I was very heartbroken, and remained under.  I doubted now if I have really lost my faith in God had He not done so, but I am more certain at that point of His love.

I believe now that He loves me more than I do ever love myself.  And I also know that He loves me for He answered my prayer in my hour of need. He ended my suffering for being heartbroken.  And I’m really grateful for what He did.  I praise Him so much.  I love you God!

Photo courtesy:  dirtyhandsgardening