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Happy Uttarayan 


Student of week@Stkabir

My elder son Shivam Patel, who study in St.Kabir school was declear Student of week. Take a look of print screen of website pages below.

Following picture is of Home page of website.

Following page is individual page where they put his picture with note about him. Please read it.

Shivam Patel---Student of the week

Ahmedabad join Earth Hour campaign

Good Morning friends, ahmedabad join Earth Hour Campaign. I think this is something we all should know and we all should support. I like to raise my hands of support to this Earth Hour campaign. I have informed all my family members and friends to switch off power between 8:30 and 9-30 pm tonight. I wish maximum amadavadi join this movement. I read the complete news at times of india website. I am sharing that here.


Get ready for candlelight dinners and some romantic moments with your beloved. For, Saturday night could be darker than usual. No negative connotation here. It will be a wilful blackout on Saturday. The idea is to conserve energy.


This will be Ahmedabad’s turn to join the Earth Hour campaign after Delhi and Mumbai joined the movement. In Gujarat, the move has been initiated by a government-undertaking, Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). The organisation has asked citizens to join in by keeping power in their houses switched off between 8.30 and 9.30 pm. GEDA has also decided to host a gathering at Kankaria Lake on Saturday evening where citizens will enjoy the conscious blackout.


“The event aims at gathering a huge crowd at one place so that much power is saved. The power will be cut off at Naginawadi also, except the lights needed for security purposes,” said Daksha Vaja from GEDA.


“The theme of the event is Save Energy, Save Earth. There will be audio messages that will be played at the venue to create awareness about importance of saving energy,” she said.


Not just GEDA, Gujarat Science City is also creating awareness among its volunteers to support the programme through its different school clubs across the state.


Le Meridien, Ahmedabad, too announced that it will participate in the Earth Hour. The hotel will turn off all non-essential interior lighting and will use candlelights in restaurants.


“We will switch off air conditioners, without compromising on customers’ comfort. We expect to save 500 KW per hour in Ahmedabad and 25 lakh KW per hour globally,” said manager Mrinal Sarkar.