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Today is World Digestive Health Day (2)

Although it is not a new phenomenon, many people are now increasingly being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and the World Gastroenterology Organisation has decided to make the disease the theme of the year, if only to create awareness. “It’s rather a functional disorder, a malfunction of the intestinal system,” he adds.

To rule out other diseases, gastroenterologists screen patients for blood in stool, anaemia and weight loss or gain. “These are not the symptoms of an irritable bowel. Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic disease that is extremely common. At least 30% of patients in a gastroenterologist’s clinic have it,” says Dr Mohammed Ali, head of medical gastroenterology, GH.

Dr Ali adds that skipping diagnosis of the disorder may not prove fatal. “Since many doctors skip rectal examination either because patients hesitate or because doctors don’t want to, they miss cancerous tumours that are not even 7 cm away from the rectum.” Irritable bowel disease is a chronic disorder that can occur over several episodes. “It’s varied in presentation. Sometimes, people complain of constipation for days; the next time they have frequent loose stools. It’s managed with medicines and lifestyle changes,” he explains.

The problem seen most often in clinics is that of patients coming with complications after self-medication. “They just pop in an OTC (over-the-counter) or a priscription pill, and it worsens their condition. Irritable bowel syndrome is managable, but in case it’s cancer it delays diagnosis and even decreases chances of survival,” Dr Ali points out.


Schoolkids on lake clean-up drive (1)

Good morning friends. There will be a school kids on lake will have a clean up drive, since the school opening is near. It’s good that they have that kind of activities as they cant do that much when the school starts. And also it’s good for the health of the schoolers.

Morning walkers at Rabindra Sarobar were greeted by an unusual sight on Sunday. Braving the light drizzle, there were about 50 schoolchildren cleaning the surroundings and urging others to follow their lead.

The schoolkids from Modern High School, South Point, Ashok Hall, Birla High, Sree Jain Vidyalaya an Julien Day School were participating in a clean the lake’ drive, and they didn’t mind getting themselves dirty to do their bit. They plucked weeds and plastic packets, removed garbage from the ground adjacent to the lake and urged visitors to follow their example and keep the lake clean.

For the lake regulars, it was a sight for sore eyes. Bidyut Sarkar (65), a resident of Lake View Road, could not conceal his emotion at seeing the young hands in action. “I was pleasantly surprised. This is quite inspiring and, given an opportunity, I wouldn’t mind extending a helping hand to clean up the mess at the lake,” Sarkar, who has been a regular morning walker at Rabindra Sarobar, said.

Rupendra Mohun Lakhotia, the chairman of the rowing committee of Bengal Rowing Club, felt similarly inspired. “It was a wonderful effort by the students and we are indebted to them in many ways. This dedicated bunch has successfully created awareness about the urgent need to clean up the mess around the lake,” he said.

Frequent deposition of garbage, plastic waste and other non perishable materials has made the lake shallower. According to Lakhotia, in the past three decades, the depth of the lake has been reduced from 35 feet to 10 feet. “It is high time we concentrated on dredging the lake,” he added. – The Times of India

A special performance by specially-abled

Good morning friends.  When I heard news about specially-abled children, I feel the admiration with my heart.  The government should focused on that kind of children. 

They might give Bollywood dancing sensations a run for their money! Shaking a leg to salsa, jive and hip hop fused with Bollywood numbers, a group of specially-abled children stunned the audience at Tagore Hall on Sunday.

These special children were performing at the celebration of 25 years of Madhurya Bhuvan a centre in Bapunagar which helps specially abled children and youth in Ahmedabad. Laxmi Patel, one of the special children was delighted after being applauded by a huge audience.

Sister Elsa Rodriguez of the Sisters of Charity of St Anne started the first centre in Ahmedabad. On the occasion,  “It was heartening to see the children performing on their own. They are not any lesser than any one else. There is a growing awareness among parents and society for these children.”

The centre has 85 girls and boys from diverse backgrounds in Ahmedabad while at another centre in Kadi, it houses 55 special youth.

Suman Lata Goyal, mother of a 20-year-old specially-abled Nikita says, “The children are trained to develop skills that will help them to stand on their own in society. My daughter used to be aggressive but now, she is calm and is learning things well.”

Sister Ramila Isudas of the centre says, “These children are taught, to look after themselves, read, write, draw, paint. They are also given pre-vocational training. They are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular activities like games, song, dance and drama and they also celebrate all festivals.”

Photo courtesy:   timesofindia

Delhi, Mumbai to ‘switch off’ to save the planet

Good morning friends.  I’m reading some new when I came across with this article.  It’s good to hear that something can be done to save our planet.  When I was in my high school days this is my favorite topic to talk about.  That’s why when I saw this news, I read it.  I want to share it with you.


It has been said that for an hour on March 28, Delhi will join in on giving the Earth a rest. Delhi is part of a 371 city initiative which will see cities switching off their lights completely for an hour at 8.30 pm IST.

The initiative, called Earth Hour, is by WWF International and seeks to raise awareness on the pressures on the planet today and the looming spectre of climate change as a result of high energy consumption.

Even as there have been similar ‘switching off’ initiatives in the past, this is set to be the largest and most far reaching initiative to raise awareness on pressures on the planet, with some of the greatest, and most energy intensive cities taking part.

This consists of  37 national capitals and other great metropolitan hubs like London, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Athens, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Manila, Las Vegas, Brussels, Cape Town and Helsinki besides New Delhi and Mumbai.

Reference:  indianexpress

Colleges students get ready to celebrate Environment Day

On Saturday, students of LD Arts College along with lecturers and the principal will get off their cars and bikes and ride a bicycle instead.


It is the season of culfests in colleges, but ever since Gujarat University (GU) banned celebration of days where students would go wild celebrating Rose Day’, Chocolate Day’ and Saree Day’, colleges are brimming with celebrations of socially relevant issues. So, Saturday will be celebrated as Environment Day’.

“I will come on cycle that day. This is the perfect way to sensitise students towards growing problems of air pollution and depleting energy reserves,” said Mahipatsinh Chavda, principal of LD Arts College, who feels that the ban on frivolous days has come as a blessing in disguise as students are suddenly organising events that promote social awareness.


One of the students expresses his plan this way. I am going to tell my father to use solvent recovery systems with the use of solvent recyclers and cleaning systems in his company. This is the way I am going to give my contribution on environment day.


The season may have begun on a rough note with action against HLBBA for violating the ban by hosting a fashion show. However, most colleges are adhering to celebration of days that give them the opportunity to celebrate but not with exchange of roses and chocolates. Rather, they will dwell on larger and more important issues like terrorism, environment, peace and even general sensitivity towards social issues.

LD College will also be celebrating Role Model Day’, where students will dress up like their role model. A special certificate will also be given to the best performers.

Anti-terrorism Day’ was celebrated at KS School of Business Management on Monday. As part of the celebrations, students took a pledge to prevent spread of terrorism in the country. Students of LJ Arts and Commerce College too will celebrate this day, wherein they will exchange their views over terrorism.

At Shahjanand College, students will celebrate Environment Day’, National Unity Day’ and Save the Girl Child Awareness Day’.

“The highlight of the event would be the Home Food Day’ where students will bring home-cooked food and share it with others,” a student said.

“Our students will visit orphanages and sing for the elderly as part of the Winter Day’ celebrations. I think it is a very touching idea, better than just dressing up and not doing anything thoughtful for society,” said Jean D’Souza of HA College of Arts and Commerce.

“Initially, we thought that culfests would not be the same without the usual celebrations, but we find the new celebrations mentally very stimulating,” said Jaimin Shah, a second-year student.

ref: thetimesofindia