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Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat- Golden Jubilee celeberation

A vision of even better Gujarat

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat”– Gujarat Golden Jubilee today on May 1, 2010. Salutations to Mother Gurjari. Proude to be a GUJARATI-Dhirendra


For Tatas, I could give my land free, says farmer

Difference between Gujarati and Bengali    

Good Morning friends, at last Tata Nano Project get official entry to Gujarat. The story behind it is also very interesting. I am taking proud on my self being Gujarati and see the other Gujaratis like Ravubha Vaghela who give his 30 acres of land to Government for Nano Project. The statement he give “For tatas, I could give my lad free”. Tata Nano project was pulled out from West Bengal because of land allocation and acquisition problem. While in Gujarat, Farmers are ready to give their land free for the projects. I think this is the different between Gujarati and Bengali. I am Proud Gujarati.

Ravubha Vaghela was very happy on Monday as he sold his 30 acres of land to Gujarat Government. Vaghela says he sold the land for Rs 15 crore at Rs 1,000 per square metre , despite the going market rate of Rs 2,500 per sq mt.

Vaghela says he could have haggled for a better price or even gone to court. “But this would have delayed the process and Nano plant could have gone out of Gujarat’s hands. I was glad to make the sacrifice. For Tata project I could have given my land for free. I am a proud Rajput today that I will be instrumental in bringing Nano project to Gujarat,” said Vaghela, who feels it’s time for him to repay a debt to Tatas.

Ravubha Vaghela also played a role in convincing other farmers to hand over their land to government. All of them sold their land to government on Monday. Of the nearly 2.05 lakh sq mt private land that Gujarat government has acquired for building the road leading to the site identified for Nano plant.

Modi presses expatriate Gujaratis into service for GUJCOC approval

Good Morning Friends, September 1st, 2008. Started my day at 5-20 am when I weak up and reach garden at 5-40 am and walk till 6-30 am. It was really nice beginning of my day. I really love to walk early morning. I was reading newspaper and I read our Chief Minister Narendra Modi urged Guajarati’s to send email to Prime Minister of Indian Shree Manmohan Singh for GUJCOC Bill. Here is the complete news.


Two days after his meeting with the Prime Minister seeking early approval for presidential nod to the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (GUJCOC) Bill, Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the expatriate Gujaratis to send e-mails to Manmohan Singh in this regard.


Addressing the World Gujarati Conference 2008 in New Jersey, USA, through video-conference, Modi said that strict laws like GUJCOC, which has already been cleared thrice by the state legislative assembly, are required to curb the menace of terrorism.


He said the ‘Gujarat model of development’ is now being applauded across the country and the development process cannot be halted by terror attacks.


On the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Gujarat’s statehood, Modi asked every Gujarati to work towards making ‘Golden Gujarat’ a reality by 2010.


Speaking about the potential for an IT boom in the state, he said Gujarat remains the only state in the country that has provided broadband connection to nearly 17,000 villages. He urged the expatriates to invest in businesses across the state, and he invited them to attend the Global Investors Summit to be held in January next year.


Modi addressed the meet via satellite for the third consecutive year since 2005, when he was reportedly denied a visa to the US. The Association of Indian Americans of North America has organised the conference.


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Gujarat State to get 14 new engg colleges from next year

Following news is something going to change Gujarat state’s future. Gujarat Students will have 4200 more engineering seats from next year. Meaning Gujarat will have 4200 more engineering brain. If we can visualize the long term benefits of this decision is really overwhelming. So many Students from Guajart are going out of Guajrat to study in Engineering as our seat quota was not enough.


Now 14 new colleges with altogether going to provide 4200 engineering sits ,,,, I appreciate GSTEB for taking such a nice decision which is going to help next generation of Guajrat. Read the following new on times of india website.



Gujarat State Technical Education Board (GSTEB) has decided to introduce 14 engineering colleges in various districts of the state. The reason behind this is to keep a particular trend going on: The number of students enrolling in class XII science stream has been steadily increasing for the last two years. The state technical education board has realised that it will have to give students enough reasons to continue the trend.


The technical education board has already identified 14 districts where engineering colleges will be started. These districts are those which do not have a government engineering college yet.


With the introduction of these 14 colleges, 4,200 engineering seats will increase in the state since every college has been approved with 300 seats. To make these colleges different from others, subjects related to the area where the college is located will be taught as part of curriculum, besides regular subjects.


The technical education board aims to commence these engineering colleges from the next academic year, for which Rs 1 crore has already been sanctioned. Sites for these colleges have also been identified in Porbander, Palanpur and Narmada.


GSTEB director Manish Baradwaj said, “These colleges will start from the next academic year. Recruiting the staff will not be a problem since we plan to hire teachers on a contract basis.”


In the academic year, started June 2008, there were 1,225 more seats offered in government engineering colleges and about 1,000 seats were increased in self-financed institutes. In the next academic year, increase in the number of SFI seats is expected to be about the same number.

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