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In Times Like This


Good morning friends.  I’m sure you notice the injury of Shivam there.  He had a fracture in his foot while he is playing with some other kids.  So I have to bring Shivam to the doctor and let him be treated.  With us adults, this is only a minor thing, but with kids it’s a big one.  Even with times of trouble like this, we should let our children that we care for them.  No matter how busy we are, we should let them feel that whenever they needed us, we are always available for them.  With this, our children will feel that they are very secured


Shivam Patel-Life journey till March 2, 2009

Good Morning friends, March 2, 2009.

March 2, is always a special day in my life. Six years back on today, I become father for the first time. My status changed that day and God bless me with a Baby Boy. That Baby boy was given name Shivam Dhirendra Patel.

I like to share here with you all his physical progress. I am having all his pictures from the day one he was born, till today when he completed his six years in life journey. I am just sharing few pictures with you all here right now. Look all the pictures below. You can view how GOD developed his child from a baby boy Shivam Patel to a Sr.kg. Student Shivam Patel.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel




Heart of forgiveness -1

Good Morning Friends. Today is August 30, 2008. I am bit relax today because it’s Saturday. My office is on but little relax because no school to my elder son shivam. I m reading this article and I like to share with you all. It’s something I believe in.


 Forgiveness-Not easy for those who don’t know the power of it and/or don’t practice it in daily life.  Once we start practicing its very easy to have Forgiveness as part of our day to day characteristics. I believe that Forgiveness leads us to Happiness. Will talk more on this some other time but I like this article.


There is a lot of darkness, disharmony and suffering in our world today, a lot of injustice, and violence. And what we must realise is that we are the reason behind all this.


Indeed, the state of much of our outer world is created by the fact that many of us live very split and disconbobulated inner lives; many of us are stuck in very unhealthy conflicts, fixated in great sadness, despair and anger, all of which is continually seeping out of us and contaminating our society. I therefore believe that if we wish to move forward and create a better world, we need a lot of healing of our past.


And here, a very integral part of this process of letting go of the past lies in our ability to forgive. Indeed, we must never underestimate just how many conflicts and how much suffering still persists, because so many of us are so rigid and unyielding and not only have very little idea about how to forgive but also wholly fail to recognise the importance of it.

 To be continue in upcoming posts.



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