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Dinner Out with Dhirumama

Me, Prithavi, Priyan, Rishi, Aastha, Shivam and our two little smart kids Dhyaan Patel and Dhirya Patel all went out for Dinner at Jungle Bhukh.







Happy Makar Sankranti – 2015

Dear All,

Wish you all A Happy Makar Sankranti – 2015. Let it be day full with fun, positivity and safety for you and your dear and near once.

shivam dhyaan utarayan2012

shivam dhyaan utarayan

Shivam Patel_ Dhyaan Patel _ Shivam Patel

Campfire with SMART Team




Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel


                  Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on way to Mumbai.

Happy Holi with Dhirendra

Happy Holi with Dhirendra

Time for play



One Saturday, Dhyaan was playing with his other cousins.  I came home with something for my son.  It was a laptop toy.  He noticed my coming towards him so he stood up fast and kissed me.  He saw a box of laptop toy and look at it.  When he saw that it was a toy, he ran fast to our bedroom and show that to her mom.  He excitedly opened the box of toy and started to play with it.

It’s not  the toy I’m talking about here.   No matter how big or small the toy, no matter how expensive or cheap it was, the thought there is how can we make our child happy.  Even with small things, kids are contented for what the things we gave them. 

I really enjoyed watching Dhyaan while he was playing his play toy.

Learning to see from my eyes




When I arrived home, I go straight to my youngest son Dhyaan.  He is always happy when I’m at home specially when I play with him.  Me and Dhan had given there a good smile.  Shivam is taking a shot of that.  Dhyaan knows when to pose for a good smile.  He is a little aware of it.  He is a happy kid.






This is our another good smile for me and Dhyaan.  This time he wears the shade.  The sun glass.  And look at his face.  He is so cute. He loves to wear my sun glasses.  After that shot he posed again but I said to him that it’s finish. 

Dhyaan Patel with Shivam Patel


My two son, Dhyaan Patel and Shivam Patel playing together in relax mood.

Good bye 2008-1

Good Evening friends, December 30, 2008. One day left for the end of year 2008. all the news papers and TV channels are showing how was 2008 with reference to industry, sports, business, entertainment, science, technology, medicine, international peace, international relations, and all.


Financially it was not good, everyone know that and me too know that because I also lost money in stock market. Few good thing and bad thins also happen which touches to me and a simple man life too. Last month of 2008 was recession period in word economy. All these talks are for others. I like to evaluate and share 2008 for my self.


Year 2008 for Dhirendra. Good, bad, excellent, moderate. Well long story to share. A very long list I have to write here. Before I go to that, the best thing 2008 give me is DHYAAN. My younger son born in may, 2008. So, for me 2008 is a mile stone year in life. About other aspect of it, we talk in next post.

Pandit Divyang Vakil’s Meeting

Good Eveing friends. Today is Monday 4th Aug, 2008.

I meet Pandit Divyang Vakil. Pandit Divyang Vakil is one of the world’s most respected Tabla guru. He doesn’t only expand the skills of one of the world’s most difficult drumming into his students but also articulates the entire personality of them. He is more of a friend to his students. His years of intense sadhana, kinship with spirituality and philosophy; and incomparable understanding of Indian classical music have enriched the traditional “Guru-Shishya parampara” , as all of his students are being trained in the same tradition. Pandit Divyang Vakil is known as Guruji for all his students.

My Son Shivam is Learning Table from Guruji. When i Meet Guruji it was so nice feeling and the things he share with me was something make me feel proud that i selected Guruji for my son’s Tabala Training. I strongly belive that to meet such a nice person is also a blessed from GOD.

My Day today started from 3-00 am as my youngest son Dhyaan was not sleeping that time. This way and/or that way i manage to keep him with me for 2 1/2 hour that’s from 3-00 am to 5-30 am. From 5-30 am to 6-30 am i walked.

will talk here latter, need to go to meet Guruji again.