Weak monsoon threatens India

Good morning friends.  India was facing the biggest drought of the century because of delayed and weak monsoon.  There is a weak monsoon that threatens India.    I am sure that many will suffer. 

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday, Aug 10 has decided to reduce its estimated rainfall from 93 percent to 87 percent as the monsoon showed no sign of recovery in the country. 

For the first time the Met has revised its weather forecast in these many years. The monsoon has become more unpredictable in the first week of Aug while only southern Karnataka, Gujarat and Orissa have received rains in excess of the long-term average between Jun 1 and Aug 5. 

IMD Director General Ajit Tyagi told to media that the first 10 days of this month had been specially disappointing for the monsoon, making this downward revision necessary. 

He also said, “There has been a prolonged dry spell since Jul 29. Some revival is being seen today with Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa getting rains. But clearly the rainfall is not according to our expectations. The rainfall distribution has also been skewed.” 

The IMD which earlier had predicted to get 101 percent of rainfall in Aug, now they have decided to come down to 90 percent and so. Tyagi also added that the next week was going to be ‘extremely crucial’ for the monsoon this season. Oneindia


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