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The Quest

Good morning friends.  For some people, a quest may be encased in a religious experience—for others, it might be a crisis or a dramatic change in personal circumstances, such as a birth or death.  And while religion is the spark that lights the fire within some individuals, it can also imposed a limiting structure with rules and belief systems that interfere with true personal growth—especially  when the distinctions between religion and spirituality become blurred. 

We believe that our purpose in being here is to grow spiritually.  We do this in a variety of ways—none of which are better or lesser than others; but, rather, are chosen by us because we are at various stages of spiritual unfoldment.  The goals of peace, integrity, clarity, compassion and in particular, the balance between mind and body through personal and spiritual development are essential to spiritual development, regardless of the particular path one chooses to follow.  Spirit [God] is equally present in the job as in the remote mountainside.” 

In the end, setting out on a spiritual quest—may be less a choice than it is a necessity.  What often makes people begin a quest, is a feeling restlessness, and that something beyond is coming through to us, says Andrews.  Begin by seeing your intentions.  Set your intention to live a happier or fulfilling life.  Speaking strictly to that intention will lead us to being aware of guides or teachers around us,  someone who can help on the path.  Again, it’s essential to set your intention to reclaim your own happiness and connection with life.  I feel that the spiritual path to greater consciousness has been –part of the human experience forever, and always will be.  Fit Yoga




The Secret Of Living

Good morning friends.  I want to share you the value of living which written by J. Carie Sexton.  It may help you in your daily life.  Many of us took life in a hard way.  But in real life is just simple to the way we want it to be.  This is the secret of living …

To appreciate beauty and the gifts nature brings,
To discover the pleasure of life’s simplest things,
To remember the blessings we receive every day,
To explore new horizons as we travel our way—
This is the Secret of Living.
To find hope in each raibow that appears in the sky,
To give comfort to strangers who may be passing by,
To keep smiling whenever there’s a task to be done,
To be gracious in losing and give thanks when we’ve won—
This is the Secret of Living.
To build meaningful values in this life that we live,
To be full of compassion and be willing to give,
To regard as a treasure every friendship we’ve made
And to find peace and love even time cannot fade—
This is the Secret of Living.

Come Together

Good morning friends.  After my morning walk, as i was about to take my breakfast I read one news and it gives my attention to it.  As i was saying before, what happened to Mumbai is not the end of everything.  We should all be together with this problem which arises.We mush unite all.

Citizens get proactive to demonstrate solidarity and heal wounds.

CandleElight vigils, human chains, prayer meetings to mourn the dead and art exhibitions dedicated to the victims. Mumbai reacts and mourns the loss of life and the terror attacks that ravaged the city for three days non-stop.

On Friday night a group of concerned citizens, NGOs got together to meet in Goregaon, under the umbrella name Mumbai For Peace. Consisting of many organisations the plan is to stage an action to forge solidarity and unity amongst the people of Mumbai.

“We plan to form a human chain across the city, like people did during the ’93 riots in the city,” says Cubby Sherman, an activist and documentary filmmaker who attended the meeting.

“Combating terrorism needs political will, not a military solution or short term measures like draconian laws, CCTVs and metal detectors. The deeper roots of various kinds of terror need to be understood and dealt with. A solution would involve, among other things, the settlement of underlying and deep-seated, long-standing conflicts: India-Pakistan, Kashmir, communalism, and attacks on minorities. We totally reject ‘jehad’ in the name of Islam, Hindutva ‘revenge terrorism’ and all forms of violence which brutalize society,” writes the Mumbai For Peace committee.

While the plans are still being set in place and final organizing decisions need to be made, the Human Chain will stretch across the city on December 10, which is recognised as International Human Rights Day.

“Let’s show them how many we are and how tired and frustrated we are. Let’s all come together at the Gateway of India, this coming Wednesday at 6 pm. Let’s ask for what is our right: to live fearlessly,” so reads an SMS forwarded by concerned citizen Nakul K who walked out of Leopold ten minutes before the terror attacks broke out.

“One must express the wave of emotion that is surging through us now. Everybody is raging with anger. We are a broken people now; we are at an all time low now and not feeling resilient,” says Nakul who has also put up the message on Facebook.

Besides the public demonstrations and SMS chains that are being sent around, the internet is another avenue for spreading a positive message and keeping the peace.

Avaaz.org, one of whose trustees is Gerson Da Cunha of AGNI, is a new global web movement that has a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the worlds we have, and the world most people everywhere want. The movement is sending a

forwarded message to all those on email.

“The attacks were aimed at our people, our prosperity and our peace. But their top target was something else: our unity. If these attacks cause us to turn on each other in hatred and conflict, the terrorists will have won. Let’s deny them that victory,” reads the mail.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel




Gandhi Jayanti -Birthday of Mahatama Gandhi





Good Morning Friends, Thursday, October 02, 2008. Day start with prayer at Dadaji’s house as today is Thursday. Today is Gandhi Jayanti that is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Mahatama Gandhi is called Father of Nation, Father of India.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace and the Father of the Nation was born on 2nd October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on every 2nd October to celebrate birthday of Father of India. I am proud to say that I belong to Mahatma Gandhi’s state Gujarat.



In his autobiography My experiments with Truth Gandhi recalls that his childhood and teen age years were characterized by education in a local school, marriage to Kasturba at the age of 13 and an intrinsic love for ‘truth’ and ‘duty’.


Mahatma Gandhi strongly believes in prayer. His following prayer is very popular one. We also sing the following prayer at Manav Parivar Prathana Hall today morning.


“Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram

Sita Ram Sita Ram, Bhaj pyare tu Sitaram

Ishwar Allah tero naam, Sab ko Sanmti de Bhagawan”





Gandhi, as he was popularly called, proved that non-violence is the most effective instrument of social change. His teachings are promoted even today to avoid violence and find peaceful solutions to conflicts.



Through his sheer dedication and self-belief, Gandhi freed India from the British Raj (British Rule). He proved to the world that freedom can be achieved through the path of non-violence.


Gandhi explains his philosophy and way of life in his autobiography The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Mahatma Gandhi follows following principal in life.



We will talk more on his quotes in next post.  

  • Truth
  • Nonviolence
  • Vegetarianism
  • Brahmacharya
  • Simplicity
  • Faith 


The United Nations General Assembly announced on 15th June, 2007 that October 2nd will be celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence.

We will talk on quotations from Mahatma Gandhi in next post.