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Guidance of God

God guides us, despite our uncertainties and our vagueness, even through our failings and mistakes…. He leads us step by step, from event to event.  Only afterwards, as we look back over the way we have come…do we experience the feeling of having been led without knowing it, the feeling that God has mysteriously guided us.


The River of Life (1 of 2)

Good morning friends.  Have you ever tried to walk on a river?  How do you feel?  Have you seen anything?  I don’t know if on your walks you have noticed a long, narrow pool

beside the river. Some fishermen must have dug it, and it is not connected with the river. The river is flowing steadily, deep and wide, but the pool is heavy with scum because it is not connected with the life of the river, and there are no fish in it. It is a stagnant pool, and the deep river, full of life and vitality, flows swiftly along.

Now, don’t you think human beings are like that? They dig a little pool for themselves away from the swift current of life, and in that little pool they stagnate, die; and this stagnation, this decay we call existence. We all want a state of permanency; we want certain desires to last forever, we want pleasures to have no end. We dig a little hole and hurdle ourselves in it with our families, with our ambitions, our cultures, our fears, our gods, our various forms of worship, and there we die, letting life go by – that life which is impermanent, constantly changing, which is so swift, which has such huge depths, such extraordinary vitality and beauty.

Maybe you have not noticed that if you sit quietly on the bank of the river you hear its song – the lapping of the water, the sound of the current going by? There is always a sense of movement, an extraordinary movement towards the wider and the deeper. In the little pool, there is no movement at all; its water is stagnant … This is what most of us want: little stagnant pools of existence away from life. We say that our pool existence is right, and we have invented a philosophy to justify it; we have developed social, political, economic, and religious theories in support of it, and we don’t want to be disturbed because what we are after is a sense of permanency.

The Quest

Good morning friends.  For some people, a quest may be encased in a religious experience—for others, it might be a crisis or a dramatic change in personal circumstances, such as a birth or death.  And while religion is the spark that lights the fire within some individuals, it can also imposed a limiting structure with rules and belief systems that interfere with true personal growth—especially  when the distinctions between religion and spirituality become blurred. 

We believe that our purpose in being here is to grow spiritually.  We do this in a variety of ways—none of which are better or lesser than others; but, rather, are chosen by us because we are at various stages of spiritual unfoldment.  The goals of peace, integrity, clarity, compassion and in particular, the balance between mind and body through personal and spiritual development are essential to spiritual development, regardless of the particular path one chooses to follow.  Spirit [God] is equally present in the job as in the remote mountainside.” 

In the end, setting out on a spiritual quest—may be less a choice than it is a necessity.  What often makes people begin a quest, is a feeling restlessness, and that something beyond is coming through to us, says Andrews.  Begin by seeing your intentions.  Set your intention to live a happier or fulfilling life.  Speaking strictly to that intention will lead us to being aware of guides or teachers around us,  someone who can help on the path.  Again, it’s essential to set your intention to reclaim your own happiness and connection with life.  I feel that the spiritual path to greater consciousness has been –part of the human experience forever, and always will be.  Fit Yoga



Secrets of unconditional love unraveled

Good morning friends! What is love?  Can you define what love is? There are different kinds of love.  There is this love in our family, love with our friends, love with an opposite sex.  But the important is that we should love someone without anything in return.  We call that…..”UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”.

The reason why you immeasurably care for a person without any thought of reward is one of science’s biggest mystery. Now, researchers at Montreal University claim that they have unravelled the secret behind unconditional love.

The research team, led by Professor Mario Beauregard, of Montreal University’s centre for research into neurophysiology and cognition, found that the emotion emerges from a complex interplay between seven separate areas of the brain.

Such brain activity has only limited overlap with the cerebral impulses seen in romantic or sexual love, suggesting it should be seen as an entirely separate emotion.

“Unconditional love, extended to others without exception, is considered to be one of the highest expressions of spirituality. However, nothing has been known regarding its neural underpinnings until now,” The Times quoted Mario, as saying.

To reach the conclusion, the volunteers were recruited on the basis that they had a proven ability to feel strong unconditional love: low-paid assistants looking after people with learning difficulties.

In the study, Mario asked them to evoke feelings of unconditional love and hold them in their minds while they had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Of the seven brain areas that became active, three were similar to those of romantic love. The others were different, suggesting a separate kind of love.

The findings showed that some of the areas activated when experiencing unconditional love were also involved in releasing dopamine – a chemical deeply involved in sensing pleasure, with rising levels strongly linked to feelings of reward and even euphoria.

In a research paper in an academic journal, Mario said: “The rewarding nature of unconditional love facilitates the creation of strong emotional links. Such robust bonds may critically contribute to the survival of the human species.” (ANI) – Yahoo

Healthy way to reach God -1

Good Morning Friends, Tuesday, September 02, 2008. My day starts with Satsang at Dadaji’s house. Satsang is best way to start a day. It brings positivity and happiness from within. It remains all the day. I was searching for something good on net and I find this article. It’s something I love to read. It says people who have strong spiritual beliefs and practices are generally more resilient in the face of life crises and tend to have an easier time recovering form some physical illnesses. The complete article I share here.


If long ago our ancestors knew a fundamental truth that we are only recently rediscovering: good mental health is inextricably intertwined with deep spiritual development.


Transpersonal psychologists in the past several decades have produced good science that shows that people who have strong spiritual beliefs and practices are generally more resilient in the face of life crises, and tend to have an easier time recovering from some physical illnesses.


This should not be surprising. After all, the psyche — a Greek word for soul — which has come to be used for the mind or one’s consciousness in modern times, is inescapably spiritual in its core nature. And so are we. This does not mean that we must return to church or temple, or become ultra religious to fulfil the promise of deep spirituality as a safeguard for mental and physical health. Let’s not confuse religious belief and observance with spiritual development, which is about cultivating awareness, empathy and wisdom, being of service, and having tolerance and integrity — all virtues that can and should apply no matter what religious framework one believes in. Healing emotions often involves developing one’s spirituality.


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