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Volunteering at manavparivar medical camp

Manav Parivar Medical Camp

Manav Parivar Medical Camp Site at Village Matar, Gujarat

Free Food For All

Free Food For All at manavparivar medical camp on at village matar.


Volunteering at manav parivar medical camp by Dhirendra



A night with Dhyaan

Dhirendra and Dhyaan on the Street

Me and Dhyaan was on the street to give food to the homeless people.  We just sit for a while after we distribute some food.  As some other volunteers are giving also. 

Shivam Patel @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Shivam doing volunteering work @ Manav Parivar

After his class Shivam joined with me to go to Matar and do his volunteering work there.  Shivam sweep the area where there is dry leaves and dust.  He also remove some dust in the gate of the compound of Manav Parivar.

Reality of Life

Good Morning friends,

Friday, last working day of the week. Just feeling relex from within. Not because I am tired of work but I will have time to stay with family and my kids. At individual levels we all are playing different role at a time. I talk with reference to my self. I am playing following roles at a time as Dhirendra.


1. Dhirendra as businessman

2. Dhirendra as Father to my son

3. Dhirendra as husband to my wife

4. Dhirendra as son to my parents

5. Dhirendra as friend to my friends

6. Dhirendra as volunteer for my NGO


From all above role my priority is always number 1, 2 and number 6.

I like to give more priorities now to number 3, 4, 5. I am working on it and I will plan out my self accordingly. I am noticing my self and I notice that work is endless.

Dhirendra Patel: We have to stop our self somewhere to full fill our other responsibilities. I am playing more than one role at a time.

I am businessman, I am father, I am husband, I am son and I am friend too. 90% of my total time I play my role as businessman. I am thinking very seriously to play my other roles. I like to make my time share like 60% to business, rest of all time divide into other roles.


More in next post if I finish this……