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Humanity – Manav Je Pid Parai Jane Re

Manav Je Pid Parai Jane Re —

Manav Who Feels Others Sorrow

See Below Video and let me know Isn’t its best way to let someone feel we are human. We do care for someone’s pain.

Even My eyes goes with Tears for those who Touch Him….. Love you all.

Humanity at its BEST.



Visit To Nomadic Tribes at Diyodar with VSSM

Dear All, past week i had got a change to explore my self with the wounder full activity of VSSMA NGO working for Nomadic Tribes and De-Notified Tribes of Gujarat We started our journey  early morning and reached diyodar. It was wonderful experience and life long memory for me to be with NT  and DNT’s.Nomadic Tribes are not having either their identity proof nor their address proof. Its so difficult for them to get it from government agency as they don’t have any document with them.

Nomadic Tribes Family

Nomadic Tribes Family

One of the activity of VSSM is advocacy for Nomadic Tribes of Gujarat. As results of VSSM’s ongoing efforts, nomads from Diyodar get their Ration Cards. It was very happy moments for me to be witness of their happiness by getting these cards.

Ration Cards for Nomadic Tribes given by Mittal Patel of VSSM

Mittal Patel giving Ration Cards to Nomadic Tribes of Gujarat

I was witness of happiness on the faces of these Tribes Community people who feel like they got their life. Everyone was so happy and clapping their hands for each other. Few Nomadic Tribes were given Housing Plot Allotment letters too which was not at all possible for them to get it without the continuous  efforts of VSSM. Wonderful well come given by little girls to all of us. We were well come in traditional way and also had tilak on our forehead.

Traditional Well Come from Nomadic Tribes Girl at Diyodar to VSSM Team

Traditional Well Come from Nomadic Tribes Girl at Diyodar

Mittal Patel giving Ration Card to Nomadic Tribes

Mittal Patel giving Ration Card to Nomadic Tribes

Many more words to write but my time is not allowing me to go beyond these. Will share in future again.

Volunteering at manavparivar’s medical camp

Last sunday was second sunday and me with my kids had gone for volunteering at manavparivar’s medical camp at matar, kheda, Gujarat.


matar medical camp

A view of Volunteers preparing Food for all.
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