Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel


Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel


Dhyaan is going down the stairs of the play house


Dhyaan holding on a bar

Yepheyyyyy ... I can do it all alone! 🙂


Dhyaan enjoying in a merry-go-round



Dhyaan at the Funworld Playground

Dhyaan's birthday @ Manav Parivar



 Dhyaan with dad Dhirendra @ home



Dhyaan, pretending to be a telephone operator

The Karati Kid

Dhyaan enjoyed his stay in a slide

Dhyaan was listening to music

Jolly Kid @ Matar



Resting Kid





Kid in a bike


A night with Dhyaan

Birthday Child - Dhyaan Patel


Dhyaan with Dad and Mom


Me and my son @ manavparivar prayer hall on March 5, 2009.   






Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on 050309

Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on 050309




Dhirendra and Dhyaan

Dhirendra and Dhyaan

My son Dhyaan, sitting comfortably on my lap.  He visited me here.  I was surprised when they came.  His face shows that he likes to stay in my office. . . . . 🙂  


Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on feb 5, 2009. Dhyaan is driving car with his father Dhirendra Patel.  

Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel  

Dhyaan  Dhirendra Patel, a 6month old kid who is youngest son of Dhirendra Patel. All called him smart and happy kid. Dhyaan is having elder brother named Shivam Patel.  





At the Funworld Playground

Yepheyyyyyy .... I can do it alone! 🙂


Dhyaan holding on a bar


Dhyaan, going down @ at the stair in the play house


Dhyaan in a merry-go-round


Dhyaan with brother Shivam in the slide


5 responses to “Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

  1. Hey Dhirendra, Your boy looks real cute.


  2. hello
    how many seats add in 2009 engineering course??
    plz repy on my mail


  3. sir, your son is really cute, dhyaan name is very good, i think dhyaan mean meditation n meditation is very very big thing


  4. Best Wishes,


  5. Incredible site!,


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