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Learning to see from my eyes




When I arrived home, I go straight to my youngest son Dhyaan.  He is always happy when I’m at home specially when I play with him.  Me and Dhan had given there a good smile.  Shivam is taking a shot of that.  Dhyaan knows when to pose for a good smile.  He is a little aware of it.  He is a happy kid.






This is our another good smile for me and Dhyaan.  This time he wears the shade.  The sun glass.  And look at his face.  He is so cute. He loves to wear my sun glasses.  After that shot he posed again but I said to him that it’s finish. 


Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on 221108

Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel completed 6 month on 221108. Look this video and say how he look?

Dhirendra Patel

A happy father of Dhyaan Patel