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Happy Holi with Dhirendra

Happy Holi with Dhirendra


Happy Holi

Happy Holi

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mind set: Happiness is homemade (1)

Good morning friends.  Whenever I read a new, an article, I made sure that I’m reading some of spiritual thoughts.  Stephen R. Covey, has a good thought that made me focus on this while reading.  I want everybody knows how he presented this thoughts.  It’s a good one.

Regardless of whether we live in the US, India or anywhere else, family is the building block of any society, and our greatest fulfillment lies there.  Of course, one needs to give due importance to work.  But if any society works diligently in every other area but neglects the family, it would be the same as straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.

We all seek happiness but what most of us discover is that happiness is a home-made product. If you have strong and effective relationship with family members — whether living together or apart — the resultant good vibes and mental solace tend to overflow into all other aspects of life. When your family is heading in the right direction, you are better able to perform and focus at work. On the other hand, if things aren’t going well at home, it is difficult to be deeply happy anywhere else. Thus, it is supremely important that at home, with your family, you concentrate on creating a beautiful family culture.

Marriage is more than a contractual relationship — it is a promise from each individual to stay true to their love and commitment. While I can’t tell you how to choose the right mate, I can advise you to determine what your values and principles are — and who might be a complimentary companion. – The Times of India


A special performance by specially-abled

Good morning friends.  When I heard news about specially-abled children, I feel the admiration with my heart.  The government should focused on that kind of children. 

They might give Bollywood dancing sensations a run for their money! Shaking a leg to salsa, jive and hip hop fused with Bollywood numbers, a group of specially-abled children stunned the audience at Tagore Hall on Sunday.

These special children were performing at the celebration of 25 years of Madhurya Bhuvan a centre in Bapunagar which helps specially abled children and youth in Ahmedabad. Laxmi Patel, one of the special children was delighted after being applauded by a huge audience.

Sister Elsa Rodriguez of the Sisters of Charity of St Anne started the first centre in Ahmedabad. On the occasion,  “It was heartening to see the children performing on their own. They are not any lesser than any one else. There is a growing awareness among parents and society for these children.”

The centre has 85 girls and boys from diverse backgrounds in Ahmedabad while at another centre in Kadi, it houses 55 special youth.

Suman Lata Goyal, mother of a 20-year-old specially-abled Nikita says, “The children are trained to develop skills that will help them to stand on their own in society. My daughter used to be aggressive but now, she is calm and is learning things well.”

Sister Ramila Isudas of the centre says, “These children are taught, to look after themselves, read, write, draw, paint. They are also given pre-vocational training. They are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular activities like games, song, dance and drama and they also celebrate all festivals.”

Photo courtesy:   timesofindia

Learning to teach!

Good morning friends.  We have to increase our knowledge in everything.  As each of everyone of us have the thinking of what they can do in the society, what they can offer, we can study for more knowledge.  We all want to share to our society what we learned.  After reading some articles in reference my pleasure to share it with you.

Youngsters just out of college and on the first flight of stairs to a  career. Homemakers making time out of looking after a family to do something else for themselves. Senior citizens with the knowledge that comes with having lived a life. IT professionals with whole weekends to spare. Teach India, a Times of India initiative, attracted a number of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and all age groups to  Self Employed Womens’ Association (SEWA) near Ellisbridge on Thursday.

They were there wanting to do something for the society; willing to travel far, sacrifice social life only with an objective of helping the children realize their dreams.

The curious group of volunteers lent a patient ear as Reema Nanavati, rural development director of Sewa, gave them an overview of the campaign. “Through this, we will be able to bridge the divide between ourselves and those who have not been as lucky,” she said.

Just as she finished, eager volunteers came up with questions of their own. While Samta Keswani, a former teacher, inquired about subjects that can be taught, Chirag Parekh, a student wanted to know about number of students in each class.

Surprisingly most homemakers, many of who had brought their kids along, had opted for morning batches despite their hectic schedule. Said Vaishali Dua, “I think I deserve a morning in the week to do something for myself. It will be lovely to start my day with a noble cause.”

Ashok Kaul, a marketing manager in a MNC had taken leave from work to reach the venue. “Apart from curriculum, I want to give emphasis on grooming personality and moral values,” he said.

Among the volunteers, was also present a special family. As many as five members of the family had registered themselves for the campaign. The youngest of them, 20-year-old Munira had also brought along her sexagenarian grandmother, in a show of solidarity. In another corner, students from LD Engineering college tried to work out a time which would not clash with their college classes. Standing along with them, Bhanu Gupta, an IT professional said, “I plan to reschedule my work hours and reach there an hour later after teaching.”

ref: thetimesofindia

Cleanliness essential for healthy society

Good morning friends.  This is one of the topic I have always wanted to talk about.  Cleanliness.  This has reference to Indian Express.  As the saying goes,…”Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” 


Highlighting the importance to have clean surroundings for a healthy society, President Pratibha Patil on Monday said, “Lack of sanitation is one of the major causes of child and adult mortality and in rural areas and results in an annual loss of around 180 million man-days and an economic loss of Rs 1,200 crores in India.”



 However, she also expressed happiness over the Total Sanitation Campaign launched in India. “I am happy to know that India has aimed to achieve the target of providing basic sanitation to people by launching the campaign. Our achievement of this goal will demonstrate the ability and capacity of India to meet the basic needs of its people,” she said.

She was speaking at a function to give away the Nirmal Gram awards to around 7,500 grampanchayats in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.

Maharashtra topped the list by bagging the award for 4,302 grampanchayants in the state. Union Rural Development Minister Dr Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Pune Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar and Devisingh Shekhawat were present.

“I am happy to know that there were 30,000 applications and finally 11,000 villages have won the Nirman Gram awards this year. The number of awards has increased tremendously, which shows that the rural people in the country have accepted the campaign in the right spirit,” She said.


Patil added, “Consumption of unsafe drinking water, improper sanitation facilities and unhygienic food are the cause of many diseases like diarrhoea, polio and typhoid. In this scenario, the Total Sanitation Campaign would certainly help in making people conscious about the benefits of cleanliness. Inadequate sanitation lowers school enrollment, particularly those of girls. Women have been the main contributors of the total sanitation campaign throughout the country.”

The president also urged to include issues like management of solid waste and liquid wastes, so that environment protection too is achieved.

The Family: The Cornerstone of Society – 2

Good day to each and every one of you out there.  Let me continue what I have been starting with y previous article.  I hope you will still be with me.

Considering the challenges and difficulties that modern day families are confronted with, it becomes imperative for all those who are charged with the task of promoting the rights of families and ensure their welfare to seriously arrest the social forces that threaten to divide families and distort values and definitions of what families are.

Regardless of faith and cultural affiliation, the family – the basic social institution, the cornerstone of society – is called upon to become the visible sign of truth.  It is tasked to defend values that are common to all humanity that respect the dignity of persons and human life, and upholds justice.

Each one of us is a member of this basic pillar of society.  This being the case, we are all expected to support initiatives that promote and protect the rights and welfare of the family and exert all possible efforts to strengthen the bond that unites its members.  Let us keep in mind the reminder of Pope Paul VI, “the Pope of the Family,” who said that “the future of humanity passes by way of the family.”

The Family: The Cornerstone of Society – 1

Good morning to all of you!  It’s my habit to read newspaper and other reading materials.  Sometimes I used internet just to be aware of the current situation here in my country or in any other countries.  Each and every one of us the family is our priority.  We all do what is best to our family, even if we have a hard time in everything.  Let me share with you the fact about the family.

A RECENT  conference entitled “Alliance for the Family in Europe, Associations in the Leading Role” was held to compare the experiences of the various types of family associations and raise greater awareness of political leaders and the public on the central and irreplaceable role that the family plays in society.  This year, the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Encyclical “Humane vitae” and the 25th anniversary of the promulgation of the “Charter of the Rights of the Family,”  which was presented by the Holy See in 1983, will be observed.

The Charter is principally addressed to political leaders and all families.  It provides those entrusted with the responsibility to care for the common good “a model and a point of reference upon which to base appropriate political legislation for the family” and encourages families to come together to defend and promote their rights.

Yash fights a brave battle

Today is August 27, 2008. I was reading newspaper timesofindia and i find this news. It is something i want others to know that a Nine year boy fights a brave battle. i like to share the news article.

He is just nine, but Yash has battled death like few can. The youngest victim of the terror attacks, after days of ups and downs, hope and despair, shines like a ray of hope, with his wounds healing slowly but surely. 

Yash lost his brother Rohan , 11, and father Dushyant Vyas in the bomb blast in the Civil Hospital. Ignorant of the huge loss, the boy is showing good signs of recovery. 

Yash is now waiting for skin graft procedure on his back and parts of his arms and legs that have sustained deep burns. “His wounds are healing well. Twenty-five per cent of the burns still remain which require skin-grafting ,” said attending plastic surgeon Dr Srikant Lagvankar. 

Doctors say that Yash is now well enough to ask for Maggi noodles, cream biscuits and even his favourite sevtameta shaak. “Yash has been eating vegetables and one egg daily to get his nutrition right,” says Dr Lagvankar.

And, there are reports that his mother Geeta might get a job at the Civil Hospital, where her husband worked in the cancer department. Geeta’s fears now revolved around the fact that the news of his father and brother’s death will leave Yash shattered.

Yash has often inquired about his father and Rohan and has been told that they are recuperating elsewhere in the hospital.



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