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How To Reduce 24 KG Weight in 6 month?

Dear All,

Good Evening,

I like to share something with you. In last 6 month i had reduce 24 kg weight and 6 Inches in my west size.

How? what i did? when i did? where i did?

Let’s be in touch and you will know.


Soil health cards to help Gujarat farmers boost productivity

Good morning friends.  It will be in favor to Gujarat farmers to have a solid health cards that will increase their productivity.  With this all farmers will work more so to have their life good.

The state government has decided to issue Soil Health Cards to farmers in proposal to help them get better agricultural yield. These cards will apprise the farmers of the various properties of the soil.

The cards are distributed under the Soil Health Programme of the Agriculture Department. They are prepared after the soil is scientifically tested for various properties like productivity, mineral composition, water retaining capacity and others.

The cards contain information on what kind of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and how much water should be used for getting better productivity from the land.  The aim is to strengthen the agricultural infrastructure.

It will become easy for the farmers to understand the properties of the soil.  With these details will help the farmers take accurate action to increase productivity of the land.  The government plans to issue SHCs to 42 lakh farmers of which 23.98 lakh are likely to be issued this year. – Indian Express

Pedal Away Every Sunday

Good morning friends.  I’m sure most of us are busy with the day to day work in our life.  Sometimes we have to time to think of something else.  That would be fine but make sure that you keep yourself fit and healthy.  Most of us work from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is only the day that we do the things we don’t usually do in a regular day.  And I hope that one of the things you wish to do is to be healthy.  Make sure that your body will always be in a good condition.  You can stay fit even if you r in the house or just going around in your city. 

Gym is the better way to keep you fit.  But I’m sure that some of you don’t have time to go there.  There are other way rather than going to gym.  Get a cycle and start pedaling every Sunday. It is a sure shot way to stay healthy and fit.  This was the advice of a  knee surgeon Harsh Shah, who along with friends had formed a group — Sunday Revolution. The group members, all passionate cyclists, hit the roads every Sunday to keep themselves in shape and to promote a greener way of living.

Doctor Harsh said he’s been cycling in and around Ahmedabad for the last eight years.  And some of his friends joined with him.  They have been cycling long distance regularly.  They  cover 100-150 km every Sunday and cover 50-75 km during the week.”They have covered 900 km-distance in a week.

Being a knee surgeon, Dr. Harsh often recommend cycling  to his patients. Then he had this thought of letting everyone else know about the benefits of cycling.”

They would start from Judge’s Bungalow Road, cover some distance on S P ring road, take a U-turn and come back. By word of mouth, more and more people joined and they began covering longer distances. Today they have nearly 40 members in the age group of 12 to 58. There are doctors, businessmen, IT professionals and housewives too.

As a part of ‘Sunday Revolution’, the group also makes an effort to inculcate discipline and love of cycling among their members.

They will be conducting various workshops to make people understand the types of cycles, how to choose a correct cycle, functioning of cycle, various adjustments, safety issues, riding techniques, servicing the cycle, quick puncture repair and health issues related to cycling.

Sunday Revolution, a group formed by a knee surgeon and his friends, invites cycling enthusiasts to be part of weekend dose of fun and good health.    For more information mail in to:  orthoshah@gmail.com.



Health guidelines for schools

Good morning friends.  Summer is almost done.  I’m sure everybody was did enjoyed their summer vacation especially all students.  They should now be preparing for the coming school opening.  It’s good to know that there will be health guidelines for every school.  We should always think about the health of our children as they are still young and can easily acquire disease if they were not given a proper health care.

Both aided and unaided schools in the city would soon be given fresh guidelines by the Delhi government on medical preparedness.

The decision was taken after the government-appointed committee submitted its report to the Directorate of Education (DoE) on Wednesday. The report cited lapses on the part of Modern School, Vasant Vihar, in handling the case of Class XII student Aakriti Bhatia who died on her way to hospital following an asthma attack on the school premises on April 21.

“We are preparing the guidelines in consultation with the health department and they will be issued in two-three days,” said education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely.

While the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 under rule 38 mentions the need of a part-time or full-time medical officer, Lovely said: “The new guidelines would be more comprehensive and would be mandatory for schools.”

Meanwhile, a day after the DoE’s report was submitted, the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child’s Right (DCPCR) has decided to move Delhi High Court for registration of a criminal case against the school, accusing it of negligence in the matter.

The DoE report, though holding principal Goldy Malhotra responsible, didn’t direct any action against her. Said sources in DoE, “Malhotra came to know of the incident very late. Also we have to take into account how much of `puffs’ she (Aakriti) took, how ill was she the day before, what effect the ongoing construction had on her, among others, before coming to any conclusion.”

Even sources at DCPCR said although being the principal Malhotra should be held responsible for what happened in her school, the principal was informed late about the development. –The Times of India

Healthy way to reach God -1

Good Morning Friends, Tuesday, September 02, 2008. My day starts with Satsang at Dadaji’s house. Satsang is best way to start a day. It brings positivity and happiness from within. It remains all the day. I was searching for something good on net and I find this article. It’s something I love to read. It says people who have strong spiritual beliefs and practices are generally more resilient in the face of life crises and tend to have an easier time recovering form some physical illnesses. The complete article I share here.


If long ago our ancestors knew a fundamental truth that we are only recently rediscovering: good mental health is inextricably intertwined with deep spiritual development.


Transpersonal psychologists in the past several decades have produced good science that shows that people who have strong spiritual beliefs and practices are generally more resilient in the face of life crises, and tend to have an easier time recovering from some physical illnesses.


This should not be surprising. After all, the psyche — a Greek word for soul — which has come to be used for the mind or one’s consciousness in modern times, is inescapably spiritual in its core nature. And so are we. This does not mean that we must return to church or temple, or become ultra religious to fulfil the promise of deep spirituality as a safeguard for mental and physical health. Let’s not confuse religious belief and observance with spiritual development, which is about cultivating awareness, empathy and wisdom, being of service, and having tolerance and integrity — all virtues that can and should apply no matter what religious framework one believes in. Healing emotions often involves developing one’s spirituality.


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