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Vadodara Marathon: Armed forces dominate among 30,000 runners

Good morning friends.  We will witness 30,000 runners at Vadodara Marathon.  Armed forces will lead the marathon. 

Chaotic start marks the race in 16 different categories of Go Vadodara Go

The Vadodara Marathon witnessed a huge turnout with over 30,000 participants running in 16 different categories, on Sunday morning.

The first prize in the male open category (21 kilometers) was bagged by a 30-year-old Armyman from Hyderabad, Vipul Sahariya. He took one hour and six minutes to complete the race. Govardhan Mali (24) from Rajasthan, an Indian Air Force personnel based in Gandhinagar finished second, while Narendra Sahi (28), a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel deployed in Porbandar, came third. 

In the women’s category, Kamlesh Baghel (24) from Gandhinagar won the race, followed by two physical education students from Junagadh — Reena Thumar (21), who in a state-level basketball player, and Dimple Gevaria (25), a national-level cross-country athlete.

Sahi said: “Earlier, I had participated in marathons in Delhi, Mehsana and elsewhere. There was no segregation of lanes, so there was a lot of crowd on the track with children coming in our way. Overall, it was a good experience.”

Among the participants was the duo of Dhanish Ramsari (28), a farmer, and Gajendra Yadav, a policeman, from Chhattisgarh, who ran barefoot all through the route.

“We have participated in several full and half marathons, and have won many of them. We come from a poor background and cannot afford good sports shoes. But it doesn’t matter because we have been practicing in the hilly terrain barefoot and we are used to it now,” said Ramsari, who finished eighth. –Indian Express


Rains expected in city today: Met

Good morning friends.  There will be an expected rain today.  So if you don’t have any important to do outside your house.  Just stay there and do some other important things.  Or if not really can’t stop to go somewhere, just bring all the precautions so that you will not be sick.

The weather department has forecast moderate to heavy rainfall in south Gujarat and parts of Gujarat on Thursday. Officials said they were hopeful that Ahmedabad will get its maiden showers. “The monsoon activity is expected to give good rainfall in south Gujarat and region including parts of north Gujarat. We are also hopeful that city will get rains on Thursday,” said Kamaljit Ray, director of India Meteorological Department (IMD), Gujarat said.

Ray said that the low pressure system that had formed over Jharkhand has now become a circulation but it is still expected to give rainfall over the state for the next three days. On Wednesday, heavy rains lashed numerous parts of south Gujarat. In Vadodara, 10 cm rainfall was recorded. –The Times of India

Now, English to reach remotest Guj

Good morning friends.  English language is a universal language.  It is very important that we all should learn this language to communicate with the majority.  I’m glad to tell you that English now will reach to remotest Gujarat.  We all know that many will benefit on this English language. With reference to The Times of India  English teaching will be taught  to some isolated area in Gujarat.


While the Samajwadi Party has vowed to work against use of English in education in its manifesto, the Gujarat government has decided to go in just the opposite direction — ensure that the language is taught in the remotest corners of the state.


A new scheme will be launched to teach English to standard VIII students in 164 schools in Gujarat’s eastern tribal belt. To benefit some 8,000 tribal children, this will include 120 tribal ashram shalas as well. Gujarat already has Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English (SCOPE) to teach the language to urban youth.

Thanks to satellite technology, the best teachers of English will reach out to the children.

“Ashram shalas are equipped with televisions and computers. The best teachers from Ahmedabad and Vadodara will be hired to give tutorials sitting in a studio at Bharkarachaya Institute for Space Application and Geoinformatics (BISAG) in Gandhinagar.”  

Teaching will start from the next academic year, but the government is gearing up now. Teachers from the tribals schools will be called to Gandhinagar for orientation courses.

They will have to remain present in the room while the tutorials are being telecast. The plan is to turn the teachers into local resource persons who will ensure that the children take interest.

Ahmedabad-based NGO Unnati-Organisation for Development Education, has been hired to do the job. Unnati director Binoy Acharya told TOI that the distance learning model was chosen because it is “difficult to take good English teachers to tribal areas”. “This is a pilot project, which will later be extended to all tribal schools. There will be around 35 sessions, each lasting one-and-a-half hours, with on-line facility for local teachers to interact with the tutor in BISAG.”

If the experiment is successful, the government plans to extend it to mathematics and science and then to other standards as well. As for English, the children will be given elementary knowledge, which will be followed up by monthly and quarterly tests.

“Answer books will be dispatched to Gandhinagar for regular checking in order to know the progress of each child and also whether distance learning in English can be extended to other subjects.”

Ahmedabad in list of ‘credit-worthy’ cities

Good Morning friends, today is Sunday, August 31, 2008.  I  start my day with morning walk start at 5-30 am and I walk 45 minutes today. It was really good time. I enjoyed it a lot there in morning walk. Back home from there, I was reading new paper and I read this news. It’s something I like. My city Ahmedabad is in list of credit-worth cities. Its matter of proud for me being citizen of  ahmedabd. Our Municipal Corporation called AMC that’s Ahmedabad Municipal Corporations is among the top ten municipal corporations of india.


Being Gujarati and being from Gujarat I like to let all know that not only ahmedabad city from Gujarat state but also Surat, vadodara and Rajkot were there in the list. It’s it matter of proud for me! It is. Read the complete news below.


Ahmedabad has done itself proud, again! The city is now among the top ten Indian cities whose municipal corporations are the “most credit worthy”.


And Ahmedabad is not the only city from Gujarat to make it to the list. Gujarat’s ‘Diamond City’ Surat has topped the list with Nashik after notching the highest average household income in India and best GDP growth. Moreover, Vadodara and Rajkot too have found a place for themselves in the top 10 list.


Leading rating agencies Crisil and ICRA have graded the Indian cities’ urban civic bodies based on the utilization of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) funds and other parameters, including operating and financial efficiency.


Simply put, if the municipal corporations of these cities decide to issue bonds, the takers would reap rich dividends.

Crisil and ICRA had recently carried out this exercise of giving corporate credit ratings (CCRs) to 69 urban local bodies (ULBs) under the mandate from Union ministry for urban development, as a part of JNNURM.


“Surat’s civic body has the capacity to recover the funds spent on infrastructure development. Surat and the other three cities of Gujarat are good bets among the present lot of ULB’s,” Akash Deep Jyoti, head, corporate and government ratings, CRISIL.


Jyoti added that the ratings are based on the five major parameters — legal and administrative framework, economic base of service area, economic management, operating efficiency and service quality and financial performance.


Under JNNURM, Surat has Rs 500 crore BRTS project just kicking off. It has achieved 65 percent utilisation of JNNURM funds, the highest among all cities.


In all, 31 projects worth Rs 2,194 crore have been sanctioned for the city under JNNURM, to be completed by 2012. Confident of achieving the target, S Aparna, Surat municipal commissioner, says: “Surat is witnessing a phenomenal growth and by the next decade, this would be India’s best city in terms of infrastructure and all-around development.”

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