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New Year Eve with skydiving show

Good morning friends, Happy and prosperous New Year from Dhirendra. I wish New Year brings new and positive energy in the life of all. Things look positive in first two day of 2009. Indian stock market also responded with more than 200 point gain on first day trading of 2009.


Our New Year eve was with skydiving show at kakaria Lake. Around 75000 amdavadis got a gift on New Year’s Eve as they got to see breath-taking stunts by para-troopers who dived from 6,000 feet and set their Drop zone as Kankaria Lake on Wednesday. I and my family were there at Kankaria lake and view big balloons and advertising balloons. The view of advertising balloons in the sky makes my son happy. I tell him to show helium balloons and advertising blimps when we are going to visit to US in 2009.  At kankaria Lake, it was combination of experience and youth. When 3 divers of different age group with different experience jump in to sky and later diving into the water makes all viewer exited.


Everyone greeted their sight in the sky and later applauded their death-defying stunt on their return to ground. My son was so exited to view them. He used to view that in TV and cartoon serials. He view paratroopers live. I like to give Credit to kankaria carnival which makes it possible for all to view such thrilling events in live. I want to say to Gujarat government to keep it up and have such public entertainment event again and again.



2008 at a glance for Dhirendra

Good Evening friends,

Merry Christmas to all. I like to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Beginning of 2009 and end for 2008. Time is running out very fast. I feel like 2008 just started few weeks back. And we are at end of 2008 now. 361 days completed.  Just 4 days left now.  Isn’t its time to make a evaluation statement for our self? Where I was at the beginning of 2008 and where I am at the end of 2008.


Business needs to make evaluation statements at regular intervals. Like weekly report, monthly statement, quarterly statement, half yearly statement and yearly statements. If you are aware with what business communities doing with all these statements, each statement get analyze. Top level management evaluates the monthly statement and from that they predict and plan for half yearly and yearly behavior of company. Again with quarterly statements they compare what was projected and what happy in actual, than plan again for next quarter. And with such analysis businesses makes profits and earn money. If they don’t analyze their behaviors during the year, they don’t come to know where they are going- towards profits or towards loose?


Same way in human life, each day passes with guarantee of not going to come back.

There is no one to ask us about our profits and loose as being human weather we are going towards upward side in life or towards downward? I believe as there is no one to ask us, we need to be more conscious about that part because there is no control on that.

I think one should ask following questions to him/her self.


  • Do I need to analyze year 2008 for my self?


  • Year 2008 good or bad for me as individual in material sense.


  • Year 2008 good or bad for me as individual with reference to me as human, me as live identity or we can say it with reference to spirituality?


We talk more in next post.

Gujarat woos South African business-2

The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) project, would also present tremendous investment opportunities for South African companies, said the chief executive officer of GIFT, Sunil Bahl, who described the project as ‘the most ambitious ever in Gujarat’: ‘There will be opportunities in engineering, minerals, ports, tourism and the automotive industry, among others.’

Urging South African business to see Gujarat as an excellent investment opportunity, Murmu cited as a major advantage the fact that half of the ten multi-zone Special Economic Zones proposed for India were in Gujarat.

‘Other advantages are our long coastline of 1,600 km and its 41 ports; uninterrupted power supply; and road, rail and air connectivity.’

Tata’s decision to start producing its Nano, the world’s cheapest car, in Gujarat was also mentioned as a big boost for the state.

Harish Seth, chairman and managing director of Setco Automotive, said his company was looking at a joint venture partner in either South Africa or one of the East African countries for the production of clutches for the automotive industry, which were currently not being produced in the region.

The Seth family has already become a firm exporter of South African wines to India.

The delegation invited local visitors to attend the bi-ennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit at Science City in Ahmedabad on January 12-13, 2009. The delegation will also visit the coastal cities of Durban and Cape Town next week.


Gujarat woos South African business-1

A high-level government and business delegation from Gujarat Friday began a three-city tour of South Africa to woo local business to invest in the state as part of the ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ campaign.

The delegation addressed largely South African Indian businessmen at the head office of First National Bank, which is expecting o start operating in India by next month.

Girish Chandra Murmu, additional principal secretary to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, told IANS that while they were interested din South African investment in all sectors, there were a few special ones that there was particularly interest in.

‘We in Gujarat don’t have miens, but specialise in processing, especially coal and diamonds, which South Africa mines, so we are very keen on that. We also know that South Africa has very good technology for producing fuel from coal and our large lignite deposits could assist in this regard.

‘South African companies could also find excellent opportunities in the infrastructure sector, especially withe the development of ports on the long coastline of Gujarat; the new international airport planned for Dholera and in the Delhi-Mumbai corridor, a third of which will go through Gujarat.’

India, Russia to hold naval wargames in Indian Ocean

Good Morning Friends, Last working day of the week. Over busy schedul for today. let’s see how the day end with tragets and achievement. With past few days events in Indian Ocean, India and Russia to hold naval wargames in Indian Ocean. Read the full news below i found on PTI.

With India and Russia bolstering their naval armada in the Gulf of Aden, the two countries would hone in on anti sea-piracy operations in the upcoming INDRA-2009 joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean in January next year. “A task force from the Pacific Fleet, led by the Varyag missile cruiser, will leave Vladivostok in December and set sail for the Indian Ocean to participate in joint drills with the Indian navy,” Fleet spokesman Capt 1st Rank Roman Martov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

This is the fourth such exercise since 2003 under the inter-services cooperation agreement between the two countries. New Delhi and Moscow held complex wargames in the sea of Japan last year.

Another naval task force of the Russian Northern Fleet led by the ‘Pyotr Veliky’ (Peter-the-Great) nuclear-powered missile cruiser also known as ‘killer of aircraft carriers’, will also join the wargames. Besides counter-piracy, maritime law, counter-terrorism, and anti drug smuggling would be other features of the joint exercise.

The exercises are being held in the backdrop of steep rise in incidents of sea-piracy off the Somali coast and in the Gulf of Aden. Both India and Russia have a naval presence in the waters.