Shivam on a swing with his brother and cousin


Shivam in formal look

Shivam in a costume of Vamanrushi

Shivam on the tree, playing with some volunteers

Shivam with cousins at home


Shivam studying at home with dad and mom

Shivam @ Matar

Shivam in a slide


Shivam with Dhyaan in the door step

Shivam resting under the tree


Shivam with cousins resting in the back of a car

Fasion Look by Shivam

Shivam teasing Dhyaan

Moment with Dad

Shivam in costume dress

Shivam's moment with cousin

Dhirendra and Shivam at my Office

Dhirendra and Shivam at my Office

My eldest son Shivam.  He is with Dhyaan who visited me to my office.  Shivam is a very smart boy and a kind kid.  I want him to be aware and see the life, while he is still young.  He is a nice boy.


Shivam Dhirendra Patel, a 5 yr old kid who scored 100/100 in his school first test. Being father I am proud on him. It’s obvious you know.




2 responses to “Shivam

  1. great,
    clever kids.


  2. lovly smil and chiks


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