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Dhirendra in New Look



Humanity – Manav Je Pid Parai Jane Re

Manav Je Pid Parai Jane Re —

Manav Who Feels Others Sorrow

See Below Video and let me know Isn’t its best way to let someone feel we are human. We do care for someone’s pain.

Even My eyes goes with Tears for those who Touch Him….. Love you all.

Humanity at its BEST.


UK couple to donate Rs 4 cr

Gujarat University just got richer. It’s not another grant from the state government or UGC but it is a donation in kind by a senior academician all the way from United Kingdom. The couple has committed that they will donate over 7,000 books and journals which are worth close to Rs 3.5 crore.

Professor Nigel J Mason and his wife approached the GU around 15 days ago through an email saying that they are an elderly couple who are interested in donating a collection of books that they have been saving for almost 40 years. Professor Mason is from the department of physics and astronomy at the Open University, Walton Hall, UK. The university officials said the couple found about GU while they were doing a search online.

“The collection of books that the couple has shown interest in donating include more than 7,000 books and journals on various topics of science, technology, national geography, environment, humanity and space sciences,” said GU vice-chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi.

“The couple has kept the consignment ready and have said that they are going to share the cost of sending the consignment, which is close to Rs 4 lakh. We are hoping that the books will be with us in around two months. They will be placed in the university library in a separate section dedicated to the couple,” said Trivedi.


Ref: thetimesofindia

The Family: The Cornerstone of Society – 2

Good day to each and every one of you out there.  Let me continue what I have been starting with y previous article.  I hope you will still be with me.

Considering the challenges and difficulties that modern day families are confronted with, it becomes imperative for all those who are charged with the task of promoting the rights of families and ensure their welfare to seriously arrest the social forces that threaten to divide families and distort values and definitions of what families are.

Regardless of faith and cultural affiliation, the family – the basic social institution, the cornerstone of society – is called upon to become the visible sign of truth.  It is tasked to defend values that are common to all humanity that respect the dignity of persons and human life, and upholds justice.

Each one of us is a member of this basic pillar of society.  This being the case, we are all expected to support initiatives that promote and protect the rights and welfare of the family and exert all possible efforts to strengthen the bond that unites its members.  Let us keep in mind the reminder of Pope Paul VI, “the Pope of the Family,” who said that “the future of humanity passes by way of the family.”