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Able To Forget? – Food for the Soul

One of the most precious gifts God has given us is the ability to remember.  There are plenty of hurts and disappointments in life that we should forget.  but good memories become a treasure chest of priceless reminders of relationships shared and joys experienced.


Joy of Giving Week

Good morning friends.  Today, we have to be joyful as it is The Joy of Giving Week.

The Joy of Giving Week (JGW)’, is a national movement aimed at engaging people in different acts of giving’ whatever they have — money, time, resources or skill — will begin its second edition from September 26.

There are group of volunteers from corner to corner of the  country The social movement, was coordinated that will conclude on Gandhi Jayanti’ on October 2. The first edition of JGW had more than 200 NGOs, 1,000 schools, 100 colleges, 200 corporate houses and 20 lakh individuals taking part.

There are well-known personalites who actively supported the initiative. Lakhs of people donated money and clothes, or volunteered to give their time. Not to mention but some of the  personalities are like Azim Premji, Deepak Chopra, Rahul Dravid, Anu Aga, Kumarmangalam Birla, Adi Godrej and Nandita Das.  Narendra Somani, founder & chairman, Bhagwati Banquets; Umang Hutheesingh, president, Hutheesingh Design Company; Amit Khatri, member, Traffic Committee; and radio jockey Dhwanit Thakar were present at the meet organised to share the information regarding the upcoming event.

So let’s give with joy and share the joy we have to everyone. – The Times of India

Spending One’s Life Wisely

Good morning everyone.  If you  were to be asked, how do you spend your life?  Did you spent it wisely or you spent it the way you want it to be?  I read one story written by my favorite writer.  I want to share the story with you and you might have some idea how to spend your life wisely.

There was a little girl who was born into hopeless poverty. She lived in a one-room house. Her parents don’t have even one inch of land, so they were tenant farmers in that land. There was no running water. She had to go to the river to do her laundry and take a bath.

Still, the little girl decided that she would not remain poor forever. She gave her best in her study in a public school, got a scholarship and in time landed a good job. She worked hard and became a wealthy woman who, in turn, she was very kind  to the poor.  The strange of her succeeding were against her, but by with determination and a refusal to give up despite many barrier, she became a productive member of society. Nobody expected her to do well, but she had other ideas.

Somebody said, “Life is a coin. You can spend it any way, but you can spend it only once.”  Sometimes we take the days given to us for granted. We waste much of our time and when we grow old we have all kinds of regrets. “I should have done this, I should have done that.”  Or, “If only I had my life to live again, I would do it more strongly and not throw it away.”

I  don’t want to sound gloomy, but the truth is that every day brings us closer to the end. If we bear that in mind, we lived each day more meaningfully. We will love more deeply, care more for those in need of our help, and make each day count so that when the last day is upon us, we will be satisfied that we have done our best.

In every environment  with addicts and chronic alcoholics, we often hear them lament those “wasted years.” Those days that was consumed in search of their highs. When they look back on the damage they have caused themselves and their loved ones, they have many regrets.

While we have still time, we should begin anew and make up for lost time by finding a new meaning, something bigger than them. And when they succeed in so doing their joy is difficult to contain. Those lost years become a strong motivation to do even more.  Yes, we have only one life to live. If we have not done so yet, we should start living it with joy and enthusiasm. Life is too short to cry over what we should have done but didn’t do.


Special Joy to Everyone

Happy Diwali to All

Happy Diwali to All


Wishing you

all the special joys

of this season.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel

Happy Diwali to all from Dhirendra Patel




Dare to dream big

Good Morning friends, Thursday, September 04, 2008. Today is Thursday, so day starts with prayer at dadaji’s house. At AMA, y’day it was time of Swami Atmaanda of Vedanta Mission. HE said we need to dare to dream Big. Following is complete news.


The important thing in one’s life is to set a goal for oneself and strive hard to achieve it, said founder of Vedanta Mission, Indore, Swami Atmananda.

Speaking at the lecture series being held at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) on ‘Inspirations for purposeful living symbolized by Lord Ganesha’ , Swamiji said, “To set a goal, we need to dream and dare to dream big. One then prepares himself to take on challenges and responsibilities to discover one’s real potential. Your limits to achieve the set goal are decided by you. One makes one’s own destiny. And, this is the crux of life.” 

The problems will be there. The amount of patience to tackle the problems reflects the real limits of persons facing problems, he added.

For goal seekers, there is no better role model than Lord Ganesha. Rather than focusing on issues like his big ears or big belly, the right thing to is to accept that Lord Ganesha represents a holistic view and embodiment of all the best values . Lord Ganesha is unique.

“To achieve a goal, belief is necessary. The foremost thing is what the goal in your mind is. A great goal can make a great person. If one is unable to think of a goal, no actions, not even a miracle can help one to become great. Two important attitudes are also necessary to attain the set goal. One is “attention” and the other is “attentiveness.” A focused attention helps to increase the “concentration power,” which makes it easy to reach the goal. But to concentrate, one must practice it.”

“We must focus on ‘ dhyaan ‘ to build power concentration. The power of concentration is already there, but we have to polish it and use it with efficacy. A particular point has to be chosen and attention has to be focused on that. This is a ‘sadhana’ , which has to be practised with ‘shradda’ ,” Swamiji said.

The Swamiji, who has done considerable work on “stress management” and methods to combat it, had a simple advice for all those under stress. “To overcome stress, de clutch from problems” , he added.

He said it’s a mistaken belief that stress cannot be eliminated. “It is an important part of life. The men of medicine advise people to fight stress or flee from it. But there is a better way and that is to start each day as a fresh day. Leave the problems of the past behind. Do not get into the anxieties of future.”

God has created wonderful things for the mankind to ponder, appreciate and experience . The best way to handle stress is to focus on these and move ahead rather than invite stressful conditions and become victims of psychosomatic ailments, Swamiji added.


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