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Peace is Better Than Being Right


Peace is Better Than Being Right. Isn’t its soooooo wonderful to understand and implement this.


Thanks For Being With Me in 2015



Thanks To All Who were with me in 2015. You are one of them who made me SMILE in 2015. 

Be with me in 2016 too.


Dhirendra in New Look


Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat – Gujarat Sthapana Divas – 1st May 2015

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat – Gujarat Sthapana Divas – 1st May 2015.
Happy Birthday To Gujarat. Proud To Be A Gujarati.

A message from our Beloved Ex CM and our current PM Shri Narendra Modi is worth listening for all of us.

Shri Narendra Modi extends message on the eve of Gujarat Gaurav Diwas

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.


Campfire with SMART Team




Shivam Dhirendra Patel

Student of week@Stkabir

My elder son Shivam Patel, who study in St.Kabir school was declear Student of week. Take a look of print screen of website pages below.

Following picture is of Home page of website.

Following page is individual page where they put his picture with note about him. Please read it.

Shivam Patel---Student of the week

Me and Dhyaan at the office

Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel with dad on 140509 (1)

Me and Dhyaan together in my office.  Dhyaan visited me before his birthday.  He likes to be taken some shots, that’s why you can see there that he is not moving. 

Dhyaan’s Special Day

dhyaan 1st bd

This is my son Dhyaan who is celebrating his 1st birthday.  He is so playful but very smart kid.  He enjoyed playing with his brother Shivam and with his other cousins.  As he is a little boy, he goes around in every corner of the house. He keeps on biting anything which he picked, because at this age, he is having a small teeth and he likes to bite hard.  I took one of his picture and he is biting his toy.

Photo courtesy:  gettingpersonal

Dhyaan Patel with Shivam Patel


My two son, Dhyaan Patel and Shivam Patel playing together in relax mood.