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Happy Uttarayan 


Volunteering at manavparivar’s medical camp

Last sunday was second sunday and me with my kids had gone for volunteering at manavparivar’s medical camp at matar, kheda, Gujarat.


matar medical camp

A view of Volunteers preparing Food for all.
20150322_085147 (240x144)

Time for play



One Saturday, Dhyaan was playing with his other cousins.  I came home with something for my son.  It was a laptop toy.  He noticed my coming towards him so he stood up fast and kissed me.  He saw a box of laptop toy and look at it.  When he saw that it was a toy, he ran fast to our bedroom and show that to her mom.  He excitedly opened the box of toy and started to play with it.

It’s not  the toy I’m talking about here.   No matter how big or small the toy, no matter how expensive or cheap it was, the thought there is how can we make our child happy.  Even with small things, kids are contented for what the things we gave them. 

I really enjoyed watching Dhyaan while he was playing his play toy.