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Interesting facts of Second Test between india-australia

Friends, India win second test cricket match between India and Australia at mohali. India wrap up Aussies in style and win by 320 runs. There are many more interesting facts related with this test. I like to share with you all.

What a memorable Test match this has been, Sachin Tendulkar became the highest run scorer and the first batsman to reach 12000 runs in Test cricket.

Sourav Ganguly became the fourth Indian to score 7000 Test runs before notching up his 16th Test century.


Amit Mishra became the sixth Indian to take five wickets on Test debut. 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni became only the third wicket-keeper batsman and captain to make half-centuries in both the innings of a Test.

Gautam Gambhir got his first Test century in India.

And of course India registering their biggest Test match victory ever in terms of runs and it tastes sweeter as it has come against Australia. Congratulation to Team India.



Countdown started for Diwali- 5 days lefts

Good Morning Friends,

Countdown started for diwali. From Sunday diwali is going to stats as it’s Laxmi Pooja day. Today is Tuesday, so ONLY 5 days left for diwali. That keeps us busy all the time with work as well as family and social life too. It is diwali behind everyone’s running in this week. My family starts planning for how many type of sweets we will have this time, how many fried snacks and how many dry , all planning done last night. So, today is day to purchase row material for the same and Friday is day for the production.


Friends, you all will surprise to know that in diwali at my house only we are having more than 12-15 types of food ( which includes sweets, dry fruits and dry snacks ) every year. More than Rs.5000/- sweet just we keep for the guest who are going to visit us during diwali time and after diwali. We keep more than 4 type of cold drink and 3-4 type of ice cream. Question come in your mind, for whom all these things are keeping ready and how it’s going to be used.


As a part of our Gujarati tradition, People visit each other’s house on New Year day and after that. So, when someone visits my house, we offer Happy New Year and as a symbol of happiness and joy, we offer sweet. We offer some snacks first, than sweet, than either cold drink or ice cream. This is the way we greet New Year wish to all.


This Year, we have change our plan and going to apply a new and more health conscious approach. Wait for next post to know that. Wait……………