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Bye Bye-Year 2008

Dear Friends,

Year 2008 is just going away from all of us. In next 8 hours, calendars are going to change their year from 2008 to 2009. World is going to change the YYYY from 2008 to 2009. Year 2008 is having its own memory for each of us and for me too. All of us are going to carry the good and bad memory of year 2008 with us in year 2009.


I like to carry the positive and good memory of year 2008 in year 2009. For negative and painful memory of year 2008 I just learn a lesson and going to delete those negative memories from my memory. I am going to do control + delete, so it be deleted for ever. I am going to carry only positive and good memory of year 2008 in 2009.

I like to say GOOD BYE YEAR-2008 from Dhirendra Patel


Good bye 2008-1

Good Evening friends, December 30, 2008. One day left for the end of year 2008. all the news papers and TV channels are showing how was 2008 with reference to industry, sports, business, entertainment, science, technology, medicine, international peace, international relations, and all.


Financially it was not good, everyone know that and me too know that because I also lost money in stock market. Few good thing and bad thins also happen which touches to me and a simple man life too. Last month of 2008 was recession period in word economy. All these talks are for others. I like to evaluate and share 2008 for my self.


Year 2008 for Dhirendra. Good, bad, excellent, moderate. Well long story to share. A very long list I have to write here. Before I go to that, the best thing 2008 give me is DHYAAN. My younger son born in may, 2008. So, for me 2008 is a mile stone year in life. About other aspect of it, we talk in next post.

Lord Paul creats History


Good afternoon friends, something we should take produe again. NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul scripted history by becoming the first Asian to preside over the proceedings in the House of Lords, which co-incidentally witnessed an absorbing debate on Mumbai terror attacks and Sachin Tendulkar’s match-winning century against England.


Participating in the 150-minute long debate on Thursday, Chairman of the UK-India Business Council Lord Karan Bilimoria congratulated Lord Paul on his appointment as the Deputy Speaker of the House and said that Non-Resident Immigrants in Britain were now reaching the top positions in every field.


Several Peers walked up to Lord Paul on assuming the high office as he sat on the woolsack, a large red seat stuffed with wool, at the front of the Lords Chamber. Lady Aruna Paul witnessed the proceedings from the special gallery.


Conferred the Peerage in 1996 and honoured with the Padma Bhushan by President of India in 1983, 77-year-old Lord Paul is one of the most famous Indian origin entrepreneurs based in Britain.


He is the founder of the multinational company Caparo, the UK-based steel and engineering group, with an annual turnover of 1.5 billion pounds.


Lord Bilimoria said that he thoroughly enjoyed the recent Chennai Test between India and England and was overjoyed when Sachin Tendulkar scored a century and India won the tie, Sachin dedicating the century to the people of India.


He said despite the recent terrorists’ attacks and all India’s challenges and complexities, these difficulties would not hold back India’s “unstoppable momentum”.


Hyderabad-born Lord Bilimoria commended India for its restraint in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and said the attacks were not just an attack on Mumbai but an attack on the US, Israel and Britain.

Dhirendra Patel on oct 15,2008

Good Morning friends,

Day started with walk and other routine stuff.  Many of my blog readers want to see me live. It is not possible to be on cam for them. I tried to record my short video for them. You can view Dhirendra Patel here.