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Happy Holi with Dhirendra

Happy Holi with Dhirendra


God’s Grace

Life is so full of meaning and purpose, so full of beauty, beneath its covering, that you will find that earth but cloaks your heaven. – Fra Giovanni

Beautiful Things ~ Passage

Life is full of BEAUTIFUL THINGS.

. . .  soft sunsets

. . .  painted rainbows

. . .  delicate blossoms

. . .  love and laughter

. . . quiet moments

Feel the beauty and you feel happy!

LOVE – Quote

LOVE is a spiritual power that can overcome the self-centeredness that is inherent in being alive.  Love is the thing that makes life possible, or indeed, tolerable. – Arnold Toynbee

LOVE – Quote

When you love, there’s no such thing as loving a little, but loving all the way.  It may not ask you to give up your life but requires lots of sacrifices.

The River of Life (2 of 2)

Good morning friends.  This is the second part of my article.  Let me continue here now …

To seek permanency means wanting that which is pleasurable to continue indefinitely, and wanting that which is not pleasurable to end as quickly as possible. We want the name that we bear to be known and to continue through family, through property. We want a sense of permanency in our relationships, in our activities, which means that we are seeking a lasting, continuous life in the stagnant pool; we don’t want any real changes there, so we have built a society which guarantees us the permanency of property, of name, of fame…

Life is like the river: endlessly moving on, ever seeking, exploring, pushing, overflowing its banks, penetrating every crevice with its water. But the mind won’t allow that to happen to itself. The mind sees that it’s dangerous, risky to live in a state of impermanency, insecurity, so it builds a wall around itself …

Religion is the feeling of goodness, that love which is like the river, living, moving everlastingly. In that state … there is no longer any search at all, and this ending of search is the beginning of something totally different. The search for God, for truth, the feeling of being completely good – not the cultivation of goodness, of humility, but the seeking out of something beyond the inventions and tricks of the mind, which means having a feeling for that something, living in it, being it – that is true religion. But you can do that only when you leave the pool you have dug for yourself and go out into the river of life.  Jiddu Drishnamurti

The River of Life (1 of 2)

Good morning friends.  Have you ever tried to walk on a river?  How do you feel?  Have you seen anything?  I don’t know if on your walks you have noticed a long, narrow pool

beside the river. Some fishermen must have dug it, and it is not connected with the river. The river is flowing steadily, deep and wide, but the pool is heavy with scum because it is not connected with the life of the river, and there are no fish in it. It is a stagnant pool, and the deep river, full of life and vitality, flows swiftly along.

Now, don’t you think human beings are like that? They dig a little pool for themselves away from the swift current of life, and in that little pool they stagnate, die; and this stagnation, this decay we call existence. We all want a state of permanency; we want certain desires to last forever, we want pleasures to have no end. We dig a little hole and hurdle ourselves in it with our families, with our ambitions, our cultures, our fears, our gods, our various forms of worship, and there we die, letting life go by – that life which is impermanent, constantly changing, which is so swift, which has such huge depths, such extraordinary vitality and beauty.

Maybe you have not noticed that if you sit quietly on the bank of the river you hear its song – the lapping of the water, the sound of the current going by? There is always a sense of movement, an extraordinary movement towards the wider and the deeper. In the little pool, there is no movement at all; its water is stagnant … This is what most of us want: little stagnant pools of existence away from life. We say that our pool existence is right, and we have invented a philosophy to justify it; we have developed social, political, economic, and religious theories in support of it, and we don’t want to be disturbed because what we are after is a sense of permanency.

Talking to God

I am blessed with good friends, dear God.  Thank you for them—those of many years and those new in my life.  I want to keep in touch with them all, but that’s impossible.  You can help me, Lord, to remember them in prayer, at least.  And if I can’t recal every name, I can rest in the certainty that you know their names.  Bu your Spirit not one will slip out from under your careful watch.

Spending One’s Life Wisely

Good morning everyone.  If you  were to be asked, how do you spend your life?  Did you spent it wisely or you spent it the way you want it to be?  I read one story written by my favorite writer.  I want to share the story with you and you might have some idea how to spend your life wisely.

There was a little girl who was born into hopeless poverty. She lived in a one-room house. Her parents don’t have even one inch of land, so they were tenant farmers in that land. There was no running water. She had to go to the river to do her laundry and take a bath.

Still, the little girl decided that she would not remain poor forever. She gave her best in her study in a public school, got a scholarship and in time landed a good job. She worked hard and became a wealthy woman who, in turn, she was very kind  to the poor.  The strange of her succeeding were against her, but by with determination and a refusal to give up despite many barrier, she became a productive member of society. Nobody expected her to do well, but she had other ideas.

Somebody said, “Life is a coin. You can spend it any way, but you can spend it only once.”  Sometimes we take the days given to us for granted. We waste much of our time and when we grow old we have all kinds of regrets. “I should have done this, I should have done that.”  Or, “If only I had my life to live again, I would do it more strongly and not throw it away.”

I  don’t want to sound gloomy, but the truth is that every day brings us closer to the end. If we bear that in mind, we lived each day more meaningfully. We will love more deeply, care more for those in need of our help, and make each day count so that when the last day is upon us, we will be satisfied that we have done our best.

In every environment  with addicts and chronic alcoholics, we often hear them lament those “wasted years.” Those days that was consumed in search of their highs. When they look back on the damage they have caused themselves and their loved ones, they have many regrets.

While we have still time, we should begin anew and make up for lost time by finding a new meaning, something bigger than them. And when they succeed in so doing their joy is difficult to contain. Those lost years become a strong motivation to do even more.  Yes, we have only one life to live. If we have not done so yet, we should start living it with joy and enthusiasm. Life is too short to cry over what we should have done but didn’t do.


Role of Nature in Life!

Good Morning friends,

Time is running out of our hand so fast. I was considering my self as young and student but on March 2, 2009 I completed six year as father. OMG, time is running out so fast. May be day will come when my son will says Dad, this is my wife—lol, I love to wait for that day!

Business, study, social responsibilities, family and above all my individual own responsibilities towards my own self. Many roles to play by one person called Dhirendra. I need to learn how to organize my priorities. I know and still I am learning with my everyday experience with life. Many times it helps me to manage things but sometimes things looks are not under control. It just happen, we want or not, we plan or not, we think or not—it happen.

I hope my readers are also with me on this thought, this part of life, where we are just helpless with life. THINGS HAPPEN. We want it or not, we plan it or not, we think of it or not. It Happen. I want to put a specific note here that I not mean those things as negative or paining for me. I am just sharing that even with so much planning and thinking effort for that, there are things which happen and we have to accept it —with smile or without smile, with happiness or without happiness. We have NO CHOICE other than to accept it. That is where nature play it’s role. We can called it Luck, fortune etc. It happens and we have to accept it. That is reality of life.