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Cleanliness work at Charbagh outsourced

Good morning friends! I was always interested in reading news in The Times of India.  And i want to tell you about what i read.

Come Saturday and the job to ensure cleanliness at the Charbagh railway station  will be handed over to an NGO — Pehal. The agency has been outsourced the job of station cleaning for a period of one year.

Northern Railways (NR) has entered into a time-bound contract with the agency at a cost of Rs 77 lakh. As per the information provided by the station officials, 120 employees of the agency will monitor station cleanliness round the clock. The idea is more about mechanised cleaning of the platforms and the circulating area. The plan had been pending with the NR for the last six months.

It is, however, another matter that the outsourcing has become a problem for the 140-odd cleaning staff of the Charbagh. The officials, however, have assured that the staff will be shifted to other departments as the need be.

Apprehending a backlash from the aggrieved staff, NR postponsed its workshop on waste management which was scheduled for November 10. The cleaning staff was to be told about scientific and environment friendly disposal of waste during the workshop by a private agency. Now the workshop would be held either towards November end or at start of December.


Curtains close on theatre festival

Good morning friends!  I hope you are all well there.  There will be a festival here in india again.  Even it’s not in our city i’d like to share it with you in reference to The Times of India.


The 10-day Ranga Shankara theatre festival came to a close on Sunday with the staging of Kannada play `Sadarame’, one of Gubbi Veeranna’s most successful productions.


This year, the festival celebrated the theme of company theatre, also called the golden era of Indian theatre. Company theatre, greatly influenced by Parsi drama, Marathi sangeet natak and several local traditions, evolved in the early part of the 20th century. The two contemporary plays that were staged at the festival were also about people from the times of company theatre.



Plays like `Nati Binodini’, the biography of an actress who was one of the pioneers of Bengali company theatre, and `Katyar Kaaljaat Ghusli’, a Marathi musical based on the rivalry between two Hindustani music gharanas, were staged during the fest. `Maya Bazaar’, a Telegu play with a cast of 60 members of the same family, was another highlight. 


 Various workshops, seminars and film screenings formed the sidelines that appreciated the work of an era almost forgotten. Actors from across the country, including Kannada company theatre actors, participated. An archival exhibition of photographs of company nataka in Karnataka, Sangeet nataka in Maharashtra, Parsi theatre and Bengali theatre was also held.