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The thread that binds India, Japan

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This is one thread that binds the Japanese and Gujaratis – the tie and dye technique of fabric printing. The shibori art dating back to the eight century uses the same resist techniques used by the bandhani artistes in Kutch and Jamnagar districts of Gujarat.


“The sanskrit word banda to tie’, is the root of bandhani while shibori uses the stitching’ technique of resisting,” says Samarth Firdaus, a shibori expert at the National Institute of Design (NID). If in bandhani, the artisan ties the portion of the cloth which is not to be dyed with a wax thread before dipping it in dye, the resisted portion is stitched and then pulled to make gathers in shibori, says Firdaus. Mainly used in kimonos, the shibori cloth is bound, resisted, wrapped and gathered by hand and this step is repeated for each colour dye it is dipped in. It is said that one kimono could take a year to make.


Angira Shah, who has trained Gujarati women in the traditional art of shibori, based in Ahmedabad says bandhani is older than shibori and was exported from India to Japan which mastered production, techniques in layout and design.


“Stitching in any case, came later,” says Firdaus. In 1997, NID hosted the second World Shibori Network conference here where it brought together artistes using both techniques and held demonstrations. Shibori experts from Nagoya in Japan too attended this conference.

The motifs in shibori are mostly based on nature, like birds and flowers, says Firdaus. “Now they have started using polyester mixed cotton to make the crush on the fabric permanent,” he says. Besides, the colours in bandhani are rich and bright while shibori uses subtle shades, he says.


Bandhani patterns are usually geometric clusters, but they also use traditional motifs, which also makes shibori more costly than bandhani..


“Nowadays, we can find shibori easily in Gujarat but they are crude versions. The Japanese went far ahead of us in this art and mastered it. In ancient times, our work was more meticulous and sharp,” says Shah.


According to her, Arimatsu village in Japan is known as shibori village which also has a museum. Even today, Arimatsu and Narumi in Nagoya prefecture remain the only main production centres in Japan, where over 100 varieties of shibori is practised.


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Terror evidence in Indian dossier credible: US

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Indian government is saying from long time that those terrorist were Pakistanis and Pakistan is involve in to that. Last week Indian home minister give those evidence to different world leaders. I read this news at times of india website. Us says that terror evidence in Indian dossier are credible. This statement says too many things about india as well as about Pakistan too.


The evidence contained in the dossier given by India to Pakistan about the involvement of Pakistanis in the November 26 Mumbai attacks is  “credible”, the US ambassador to New Delhi David Mulford said on Wednesday.


“What was disturbing that the attack was carried out from the territory of Pakistan,” Mulford said during an hourlong interaction with the editors of The Times of India.


The 69-page dossier based on the investigations carried out so far was given by India to Pakistan and the ambassadors of many other countries, including the US, on Tuesday.


Rejecting the suggestion that India and the US may not be “on the same page” in dealing with Pakistan on the Mumbai attack issue, the US ambassador said: “We are absolutely on the same ground.” “When somebody kills Americans somewhere we go after him,” he added.

Bye Bye-Year 2008

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Year 2008 is just going away from all of us. In next 8 hours, calendars are going to change their year from 2008 to 2009. World is going to change the YYYY from 2008 to 2009. Year 2008 is having its own memory for each of us and for me too. All of us are going to carry the good and bad memory of year 2008 with us in year 2009.


I like to carry the positive and good memory of year 2008 in year 2009. For negative and painful memory of year 2008 I just learn a lesson and going to delete those negative memories from my memory. I am going to do control + delete, so it be deleted for ever. I am going to carry only positive and good memory of year 2008 in 2009.

I like to say GOOD BYE YEAR-2008 from Dhirendra Patel

Lord Paul creats History


Good afternoon friends, something we should take produe again. NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul scripted history by becoming the first Asian to preside over the proceedings in the House of Lords, which co-incidentally witnessed an absorbing debate on Mumbai terror attacks and Sachin Tendulkar’s match-winning century against England.


Participating in the 150-minute long debate on Thursday, Chairman of the UK-India Business Council Lord Karan Bilimoria congratulated Lord Paul on his appointment as the Deputy Speaker of the House and said that Non-Resident Immigrants in Britain were now reaching the top positions in every field.


Several Peers walked up to Lord Paul on assuming the high office as he sat on the woolsack, a large red seat stuffed with wool, at the front of the Lords Chamber. Lady Aruna Paul witnessed the proceedings from the special gallery.


Conferred the Peerage in 1996 and honoured with the Padma Bhushan by President of India in 1983, 77-year-old Lord Paul is one of the most famous Indian origin entrepreneurs based in Britain.


He is the founder of the multinational company Caparo, the UK-based steel and engineering group, with an annual turnover of 1.5 billion pounds.


Lord Bilimoria said that he thoroughly enjoyed the recent Chennai Test between India and England and was overjoyed when Sachin Tendulkar scored a century and India won the tie, Sachin dedicating the century to the people of India.


He said despite the recent terrorists’ attacks and all India’s challenges and complexities, these difficulties would not hold back India’s “unstoppable momentum”.


Hyderabad-born Lord Bilimoria commended India for its restraint in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and said the attacks were not just an attack on Mumbai but an attack on the US, Israel and Britain.

‘Ton’dulkar demolishes England, India go one up

Good Evening Friends, Congratulations to Indian cricket team, my favourit Sachin Tendulkar and all my Indian cricket lovers. Indian beat England in first test match at Chennai.  My star Tendulkar hits 41st Test hundred with a swept boundary as India set a record for a victorious fourth-innings run chase on home soil to beat England by six wickets in the first cricket test.



Riding on knocks from Sachin Tendulkar (103*), Virender Sehwag (83) and Yuvraj Singh (84*), India galloped from behind to beat England by 6 wickets in the first Test at Chennai and take a 1-0 lead.

After England declared their innings on the fourth day for 386 runs, the match saw a dramatic turnaround when Sehwag went berserk to give India a fantastic start. He laid the perfect foundation for his mates to capitalize and was aptly adjudged the ‘Man of the Match’. Though he lost his wicket on Sunday, he had the match split wide open. 


Guiding India to victory with a four that also fetched him his 41st Test hundred, Sachin Tendulkar on Monday rated his knock in the first Test against England among his “very, very special” centuries.


“If the team wins the 100 become very very special, so this is right among my special centuries,” said Tendulkar, who scored an unbeaten 103 to guide India to a six-wicket victory at the MA Chidambaram Stadium here.


The Mumbai batsman hoped his feat would give some happiness to the people after the recent terror attacks in his city.


“What happened in Mumbai was extremely unfortunate. Cricket cannot lessen whatever happened… I hope this 100 will give some amount of happiness to the people,” he said.


“I thank those who stood up to the terrorists and who made sure that they were captured or shot dead as the terrorists were many.


“I salute the NSG commandos, Taj hotel staff, police, public and everyone,” he said paying rich tributes to the victims of recent terror attacks in Mumbai and saluted those who salvaged the lives of others.


Tendulkar said it was a very difficult track to bat on and that made the win all the more significant.


“The gameplan was to get opportunity for scoring more and more runs because the wicket was such and we could not be bogged down by that.


“This become a very very special victory on a track where the ball was jumping awfully,” he said. more


ref: (AP Photo).

India is going to win 5th ODI against England?

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 Time to go home now. Indiva is playing so confidently against England on 5 th ODI. I just check the score card and India is at 193/3 at end of 32 over. India need 78 more runs in remaining 18 overs. It’s less than 5 run per over average they need.

Right now Indican Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is playing with 22 run and Suresh Raina with 19. Let’s hope they lead our team towards 4 th consecutive win over England. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I hope we will win.  Before these two bastman , Sehwag and Tendulkar played exclent game and take india to a respectfull score. Sehwag out at  91 run and miss his centure just for 9 runs. While little master Sachin Tendulkar makes 50.


I will update this blog tomorrow with the news that INDIA WIN 5 th ODI against England. Let’s Hope for that. Good Night friends.


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Gujarat woos South African business-2

The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) project, would also present tremendous investment opportunities for South African companies, said the chief executive officer of GIFT, Sunil Bahl, who described the project as ‘the most ambitious ever in Gujarat’: ‘There will be opportunities in engineering, minerals, ports, tourism and the automotive industry, among others.’

Urging South African business to see Gujarat as an excellent investment opportunity, Murmu cited as a major advantage the fact that half of the ten multi-zone Special Economic Zones proposed for India were in Gujarat.

‘Other advantages are our long coastline of 1,600 km and its 41 ports; uninterrupted power supply; and road, rail and air connectivity.’

Tata’s decision to start producing its Nano, the world’s cheapest car, in Gujarat was also mentioned as a big boost for the state.

Harish Seth, chairman and managing director of Setco Automotive, said his company was looking at a joint venture partner in either South Africa or one of the East African countries for the production of clutches for the automotive industry, which were currently not being produced in the region.

The Seth family has already become a firm exporter of South African wines to India.

The delegation invited local visitors to attend the bi-ennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit at Science City in Ahmedabad on January 12-13, 2009. The delegation will also visit the coastal cities of Durban and Cape Town next week.


India, Russia to hold naval wargames in Indian Ocean

Good Morning Friends, Last working day of the week. Over busy schedul for today. let’s see how the day end with tragets and achievement. With past few days events in Indian Ocean, India and Russia to hold naval wargames in Indian Ocean. Read the full news below i found on PTI.

With India and Russia bolstering their naval armada in the Gulf of Aden, the two countries would hone in on anti sea-piracy operations in the upcoming INDRA-2009 joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean in January next year. “A task force from the Pacific Fleet, led by the Varyag missile cruiser, will leave Vladivostok in December and set sail for the Indian Ocean to participate in joint drills with the Indian navy,” Fleet spokesman Capt 1st Rank Roman Martov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

This is the fourth such exercise since 2003 under the inter-services cooperation agreement between the two countries. New Delhi and Moscow held complex wargames in the sea of Japan last year.

Another naval task force of the Russian Northern Fleet led by the ‘Pyotr Veliky’ (Peter-the-Great) nuclear-powered missile cruiser also known as ‘killer of aircraft carriers’, will also join the wargames. Besides counter-piracy, maritime law, counter-terrorism, and anti drug smuggling would be other features of the joint exercise.

The exercises are being held in the backdrop of steep rise in incidents of sea-piracy off the Somali coast and in the Gulf of Aden. Both India and Russia have a naval presence in the waters.