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Dhirendra in New Look



Moulding young minds with narratives

Good morning friends.  Our kids is our treasure.  It depends on us what’s the perfect way to mould them.  We parents are responsible for them.  So we have to give them the most.  Let me share you one article I have read with reference to The Times of India.


Children are like empty suvarna paatra’, waiting to be filled to the brim. Ishira Parikh and Maulik Shah demonstrated through Dashavatar’, a 90-minute, 10-unit dance drama, each self-contained, for Ahmedabad International School how it is possible from time to time to put nectar into this paatra’ drop by drop so that the kid grows up rooted in our culture and healthy attitudes.

Still at the threshold of teenage, children have an exposure to Sanskrit through poet Jaydev, to the fascinating world of Indian mythology, the dance form Kathak they can confidently learn and Indian classical music, graceful Indian costumes, ornaments and hairdo. Had the exposure continued, some of them would almost certainly take to Kathak and some others at least appreciate classical music and Sanskrit literature.

Following Yada yada hi dharmashya glanirbhavati’, each incarnation gets celebrated as a form of Lord Vishnu with the chant of Om namo Narayana’. Each is distinguished – besides colour, narrative and mood – with neat clusters and expressive movement. The kids divide themselves into groups and move horizontally, slantwise, in concentric circles, their hands flow upward and on sides, eyes normally following them!

Elements of Kathak grow skeletal while Neeraj Parikh’s music becomes less complex with carefully slow enunciation of words of shlokas. It’s a delight watching a girl doing chakkars’, little girls acting as Vamans’, a bevy of them here emulating dance on aaj shringaar karat chali’ and mohe chhedo naa Nandkishor’ there. Seeing the combats depicted, where boys are equal partners, one feels that righteous anger has a place in life if it culminates in positive action.

Avtaar’ is an effective mythical metaphor. Kalki the 10th, still awaited of the incarnations in the cycle of divine beings could be in the form of the rising of collective social consciousness, which would through the force of its positive power combat and conquer the evil in the society and universe. The wait could be shorter if everyone in society wakes up to their dharma’ soon.