Role of Nature in Life!

Good Morning friends,

Time is running out of our hand so fast. I was considering my self as young and student but on March 2, 2009 I completed six year as father. OMG, time is running out so fast. May be day will come when my son will says Dad, this is my wife—lol, I love to wait for that day!

Business, study, social responsibilities, family and above all my individual own responsibilities towards my own self. Many roles to play by one person called Dhirendra. I need to learn how to organize my priorities. I know and still I am learning with my everyday experience with life. Many times it helps me to manage things but sometimes things looks are not under control. It just happen, we want or not, we plan or not, we think or not—it happen.

I hope my readers are also with me on this thought, this part of life, where we are just helpless with life. THINGS HAPPEN. We want it or not, we plan it or not, we think of it or not. It Happen. I want to put a specific note here that I not mean those things as negative or paining for me. I am just sharing that even with so much planning and thinking effort for that, there are things which happen and we have to accept it —with smile or without smile, with happiness or without happiness. We have NO CHOICE other than to accept it. That is where nature play it’s role. We can called it Luck, fortune etc. It happens and we have to accept it. That is reality of life.


One response to “Role of Nature in Life!

  1. Got a good article here Dhirendra. Your blog is good. Keep it up.


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