The Family: The Cornerstone of Society – 1

Good morning to all of you!  It’s my habit to read newspaper and other reading materials.  Sometimes I used internet just to be aware of the current situation here in my country or in any other countries.  Each and every one of us the family is our priority.  We all do what is best to our family, even if we have a hard time in everything.  Let me share with you the fact about the family.

A RECENT  conference entitled “Alliance for the Family in Europe, Associations in the Leading Role” was held to compare the experiences of the various types of family associations and raise greater awareness of political leaders and the public on the central and irreplaceable role that the family plays in society.  This year, the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Encyclical “Humane vitae” and the 25th anniversary of the promulgation of the “Charter of the Rights of the Family,”  which was presented by the Holy See in 1983, will be observed.

The Charter is principally addressed to political leaders and all families.  It provides those entrusted with the responsibility to care for the common good “a model and a point of reference upon which to base appropriate political legislation for the family” and encourages families to come together to defend and promote their rights.


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