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New Year Eve with skydiving show

Good morning friends, Happy and prosperous New Year from Dhirendra. I wish New Year brings new and positive energy in the life of all. Things look positive in first two day of 2009. Indian stock market also responded with more than 200 point gain on first day trading of 2009.


Our New Year eve was with skydiving show at kakaria Lake. Around 75000 amdavadis got a gift on New Year’s Eve as they got to see breath-taking stunts by para-troopers who dived from 6,000 feet and set their Drop zone as Kankaria Lake on Wednesday. I and my family were there at Kankaria lake and view big balloons and advertising balloons. The view of advertising balloons in the sky makes my son happy. I tell him to show helium balloons and advertising blimps when we are going to visit to US in 2009.  At kankaria Lake, it was combination of experience and youth. When 3 divers of different age group with different experience jump in to sky and later diving into the water makes all viewer exited.


Everyone greeted their sight in the sky and later applauded their death-defying stunt on their return to ground. My son was so exited to view them. He used to view that in TV and cartoon serials. He view paratroopers live. I like to give Credit to kankaria carnival which makes it possible for all to view such thrilling events in live. I want to say to Gujarat government to keep it up and have such public entertainment event again and again.



Bye Bye-Year 2008

Dear Friends,

Year 2008 is just going away from all of us. In next 8 hours, calendars are going to change their year from 2008 to 2009. World is going to change the YYYY from 2008 to 2009. Year 2008 is having its own memory for each of us and for me too. All of us are going to carry the good and bad memory of year 2008 with us in year 2009.


I like to carry the positive and good memory of year 2008 in year 2009. For negative and painful memory of year 2008 I just learn a lesson and going to delete those negative memories from my memory. I am going to do control + delete, so it be deleted for ever. I am going to carry only positive and good memory of year 2008 in 2009.

I like to say GOOD BYE YEAR-2008 from Dhirendra Patel