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New Mantra for Indian Cricketers: Eat, Play, Love!

Good morning friends.  I’m sure some of you will laugh at the words of Coach Gary Kirsten.  At first a smiled at it, then after reading it, I believe in him.  Some coach seriously gives instructions to their players, but with Coach Kirsten he is cool.  I like his way too.

India’s first match at the Champions Trophy on Saturday is also the biggest, at least as far as the fans are concerned. It’s Pakistan versus India, after all.

So Coach Gary Kirsten has given the Indians some basic self-help instructions. Julia Roberts is in Pataudi shooting Eat, Pray, Love – a movie based on the best-selling book of the same name. Gary Kirsten’s version for India’s Men in Blue: Eat, Play, Love.

Players have been asked to eat well, because the Coach says acid in the body can lead to fatigue, irritability and over sexuality. The Indians have also been asked to love themselves, quite literally. Coach Kirsten says going without sex can lead to a significant drop in testosterone levels, and that means reduced aggression and competitiveness. So sex is a must, even if it means going solo.

More instructions on self-reliance: the team has been told to take responsibility for its performance, and to stop blaming others.

The captain of the English cricket team says his team’s strategy for success doesn’t resemble India’s. At a press conference in South Africa, Andrew Strauss laughed, “With regards to sexual habits, I don’t think that’s come up in any of our dossiers! And I don’t think it’s likely to! I don’t know, I am not sure..”

Not everyone’s coach thinks Eat, Play, Love apparently. – NDTV Cricket


Thanks to All my Teachers on Teachers Day

Good morning friends.

Today is Teacher’s Day.  A day when we have to give back to our teachers who made us.  I’d like to give my gratitude to all my teachers who taught me everything concerning my studies, as well as lessons in life. 

To my Sir Mr. B.M.Patel, who taught me the basic principles in Accountancy. Whatever knowledge I have right now, all credit goes to him. Thank you Sir for teaching me in one of the subject  like this Accountancy course, even if it is hard, you made it easy for me. I really appreciate it in such a way that you made me understand everything.  Thank you Sir. 

To my Sir Mr. Chokasi, who taught me Taxation when I was in my Second year of bachelor. He leads me towards self confidence and always inspired me in everything. Thank you Sir. 

To my Madam Mrs.Trivadi,  who taught me Business Management when I was in my master’s degree. Her methodology to teach us was so unique. Every weekend she asked one student to come on stage and give the lecture. That was the first time I stand on stage and I took my first lecture to that class session for management. That experience gave self-reliance  and took away all my stage fear.  And today I am very much able to express myself and communicate in front of thousands of people. Thank you Madam. 

To my Sir Mr. Pathak, who taught me Marketing Management. His boldness and readiness to face reality were always my source of inspiration. Even today when I feel down and not even prepared to face the  reality of life, I do remember all what he taught me.  With that I have all the strength to face anything.  With him facing reality of life is not that hard. I learned everything from him.  Thank you Sir. 

To my teachers, sir, madam, where ever you are today, I’d  like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart and accept my pranam. Bless your this student. Thank you to all of you who were there when I am facing my life,  when I stumble upon this  kind of world. You gave me a wide vision to view this world. With my blog, I’d  like to say Thank You to all my teachers on this very special day of  2009.   Happy Teacher’s Day!