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India to help Pacific Island states deal with climate change (1)

Good morning friends.  The government of India will assist the Pacific Island State to deal with the climate changes.  India will join together to create new synergies as Pacific Island countries are rich in natural resources and there is a huge potential for cooperation in diverse spheres.

India said it is ready to engage ‘constructively and productively’ with the global community to combat climate change and underlined that its greenhouse gas emissions are among the lowest in per capita terms.

‘We recognize our responsibility as a developing country and wish to engage constructively and productively with the international community and to add weight to global efforts to protect the environment,’ External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said at the post-forum dialogue of Pacific Island Forum here.

Krishna also underlined that the international community should make special efforts to help Small Island Developing States, which are most vulnerable to climate change, deal with global warming and the process of adaptation.

India’s greenhouse gas emissions are amongst the lowest in per capita terms, he stressed.

Adaptation remains the key for developing countries and it needs to be adequately resourced without detracting funds for development, which in any case, is the best form of adaptation, said Krishna, who is on a five-day visit to Australia.