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Delhi, Mumbai to ‘switch off’ to save the planet

Good morning friends.  I’m reading some new when I came across with this article.  It’s good to hear that something can be done to save our planet.  When I was in my high school days this is my favorite topic to talk about.  That’s why when I saw this news, I read it.  I want to share it with you.


It has been said that for an hour on March 28, Delhi will join in on giving the Earth a rest. Delhi is part of a 371 city initiative which will see cities switching off their lights completely for an hour at 8.30 pm IST.

The initiative, called Earth Hour, is by WWF International and seeks to raise awareness on the pressures on the planet today and the looming spectre of climate change as a result of high energy consumption.

Even as there have been similar ‘switching off’ initiatives in the past, this is set to be the largest and most far reaching initiative to raise awareness on pressures on the planet, with some of the greatest, and most energy intensive cities taking part.

This consists of  37 national capitals and other great metropolitan hubs like London, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Athens, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Manila, Las Vegas, Brussels, Cape Town and Helsinki besides New Delhi and Mumbai.

Reference:  indianexpress


Spare a Thought for the Environment

Good morning friends.  When talking about nature, I’m always willing to participate what ever topic will be.  I love nature very much.  We really have to take care of our nature environment.  We are all the one who will benefit on that.  Love our environment.

A serious concern for the conservation and improvement of our natural environment is tangible across the world. Many have joined hands to not only lend a voice to the cause but also make governments, industry and other institutions realise the importance of ecology so that they learn to treat nature with greater respect.

With similar concern, Thilo Rothkirch, a German cartoon filmmaker, has recently set up his foundation, ‘Save Our Nature,’ which has taken up the issue of climate change as its primary cause. He was recently in India to see, among other things, how he can collaborate with concerned actors and be innovative to get the youth more involved about issues like climate change. Also, the owner of the Berlin-based company called ‘Cartoon Film,’ Rothkirch is a veteran in his field providing entertainment to children and young people. He has even been hailed as the German Walt Disney.

Talking about his foundation, Rothkirch says: “I invest my knowledge in entertainment, digital media, and animation with regard to preservation of nature, species and family. Also, I am into creating intellectual properties, focusing on climate protection, preservation of nature and protection of species through family-friendly edutainment in different audiovisual and digital media.” A co-production between Germany, Bollywood and Hollywood, he hopes, will generate a positive response across the world.

Rothkirch emphasised that a major focus of his programme will be on e-learning. He says: “We aim to provide the biggest internet platform for environment, using innovative themes, to make it user-friendly. We will be targeting the youth and thus will have things like online games etc.”

Referring to the Indo-German collaborations, he said, “We will organise conferences on relevant issues so that experts can come together and voice their opinion. Also, we will be coming up with documentaries on environment with youth icons promoting the cause.”

He adds, “The foundation will reinvest the profit earned from its joint ventures with media into renewable energy, reforestation, biodiversity, and mega-solar project for the largest solar energy park in India.”

Ref:  the times of india