Drooping Exercise

A small exercise!
Do it ! An see a beautiful change in you !
We are responsible for every situation every episode in our lives .. We can’t blame any body for any thing !


Take a challenge to remain pure & clean for today.
No filling of any garbage inside.

So when someone says something which you don’t like – simply, loudly or silently say “I DROP”

Someone hurts you – say “I DROP”

Someone disappoints you – say “I DROP”

Someone shouts at you – Smile and say – ” I DROP”

Someone shows anger to you – say

Someone shows attitude to you – say “I DROP”

Today let nothing which is not yours, come inside you.

Don’t become a garbage bin and allow people to put their garbage in form of anger, hate, jealousy, bitterness inside YOU.

Do this every day and watch what you BECOME.


One response to “Drooping Exercise

  1. Good message


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