Keep It Personal

Good morning friends.  I read a good article written by Ptolemy Tompkins.  Every one of us wants a fuller prayer life.  Let me share it with you … 

The main purpose of prayer is not to make life easier, not to gain magical powers, but to know God.  To know God not a s some extra-dimensional power, but as a being whose knowledge of us is intimate past all imagining—who knows us, as the Gospels proclaim, better than we know ourselves. 

But while we may believe this in theory, it’s often hard not to put on our “prayer masks” when we speak to God, as if we could somehow control how he sees us.  Prayer is the one communication where it is utterly safe to be who you really are.  God expects your true self to show up.  But it’s not like this is always that easy to do. 

There’s a good role model for us to follow.  Nowhere does the personal nature of prayer shine forth more than in the New Testament.  Jesus set the pattern for prayer as a continuous mode of friendship.  The Old Testament contains many beautiful and magnificent prayers, but those were usually led by kings or prophets.  With the New Testament, however, all of that changes.  Some scholars suggest that Jesus virtually invented private prayer.  No one in the Old Testament directly addressed God as ‘Father,’ where as Jesus did so 170 times.



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