One word can change everything … Thanks (3 of 4)

Good morning friends.  I wish you are still with me with the third part of my article.  Let me continue here.

After that one week stayed in the ICU, some of my relatives talked to us and told us that we should have to decide whether to pull out the respirator or not.  They explained to us the practicality of the situation, as they knew that we are not rich to support the stay of my mom in the ICU. 

And also they are aware that my mom was having a hard time with that condition.  I knew even that if my mom can speak, she will told us that she was in hard pain and she might just told us also that it should be better to pull out the respirator so that all the pain will be gone.   That costs much.  My relatives, also wants my mom to live longer.  But with her condition like that, it’s really impossible.  Only miracle can do, to make my mom well. 

My dad and my two other sisters talked about it.  We knew that our relatives were somewhat right.  But we can’t sign any just to let the doctor pull the respirator.  Because when that will happen, my mom will stop breathing.  So we have a unanimous decision.  We will not pull the respirator of my mom, even if we are aware that we will have a huge hospital bill.

I stayed there and sleep at the hospital.  I was there in the room of my mom when she was brought first before she brought to the ICU.  My sister still stayed at the ICU.  She was allowed to stay there as she is a doctor. That night I was sitting on a chair and think a lot.  I know that my mom even if she was in coma, was in bad pain. 



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