It’s 38 degrees and getting hotter…

Good morning friends.  Almost summer is coming.  Everybody is planning for some beach outings, as it is getting hotter.  It’s 38 degrees.  Really hot! 

The hot wind blowing in your face the moment you step out of your home is for real. The notorious Amdavadi summer is here and the maximum temperature has already touched 38 degrees.

Weather officials said the summer season has arrived and it is only going to get hotter. “The maximum and minimum temperatures have risen in the past few days. Currently, the maximum temperature recorded in the city is 38 degrees while the minimum is 19 degrees. Both are high,” said Manorama Mohanty, meteorologist with Indian Meteorology Department (IMD), Gujarat.

Mohanty said that March is the transition month when temperatures start rising gradually. Currently, the temperature in Ahmedabad is two to three degrees higher than normal. Other parts of Gujarat are witnessing a similar situation.

According to Mohanty, there is no forecast for an immediate heat wave as the temperature has not gone beyond 40 degrees yet. Of course, like cold waves are common in winter, heat waves too are expected in summer. The Times of India


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