Ahmedabad BRTS gets best MRT award

Good morning friends.  Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit System gets the best award.  It was very successful that they gave the award as best Mass Rapid Transit.  Now, more will have the convenience of travelling where they want to go.  Many will benefit on this project. 

It’s official now. Ahmedabad’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) is the best ‘Mass Rapid Transit’ (MRT) project in the country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday will give an award at Vigyan Bhavan to Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL) for running the best MRT. 

On November 24, former secretary of the Union urban transport department Anil Baijlal, who is the chairman of the award committee, was in the city inspecting the 12.5-km inaugural BRTS stretch. Baijlal was the one who sanctioned Ahmedabad and Pune BRTS projects during his tenure in 2005. “It’s a proud moment for Amdavadis. The credit goes to the commuters and the AJL team who made this project successful. We wanted that Ahmedabad BRTS becomes a model for the country and it has come true,” says municipal commissioner IP Gautam.

Chief planner of BRTS Sivanand Swamy says, “There are 25 buses on the BRTS stretch right now. The concept of Ahmedabad BRTS is influenced by the successful Transmilenio system built in Bogota and Curitiba cities. However, our BRTS is designed to suit Ahmedabad’s specific conditions. The system gives top priority to buses, pedestrians and non-motorized transport.” – The Times of India



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