City docs give anti-viral drugs to fight flu

Good morning friends.  These past few days flu were spreading around.  We have to take care of ourselves by keeping always our hands clean.  Wash it before and after eating.  Eat healthy foods, drink a lot of water and do some exercise.  With that you can prevent acquiring flue.  The city is giving anti-viral drugs to fight flu.

When you visit a family physician for general illness like fever and regular cough or cold, you get the usual antibiotics. But if you do not show symptoms of recovery in two days, now your doctor will administer an anti-viral drug. The antiviral drug treat A and B categories of influenza viruses.

This is the strategy adopted by Mumbai doctors to fight swine flu.

Now, the modus operandi is being adopted by Ahmedabad-based physicians to curb the spread of the HINI infection.

The prescription of anti-viral comes after a WHO directive that was passed on to various states and health authorities by the Central government.

Even in the case of contact treatment, the AMC health department has been administering Tamiflu, without even waiting for a confirmatory report.A senior AMC official said, “Following the Central government directive, we have started differentiating patients on their health conditions. The patients are divided into three categories A,B and C from mild to extreme cases. While category A are mild cases, B symbolizes high-grade fever and lower respiratory problems while C category patients have low blood pressure and inconsistent vomiting. Only patients in the C category are advised to hospitals for medical treatment. The rest are being administered Tamiflu at the initial stages.”

Municipal commissioner IP Gautam said, “Our health teams have identified contacts of positive swine flu patients.

We have started giving them contact treatment till test report comes on their status. We have been maintaining a daily health report of the patients and contact persons,” added Gautam. – The Times of India



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