My Tribute to Michael Jackson on his Golden Years of Life (1)

[30] michael_jackson_1105069Good morning friends.  Everybody are shocked about the new to Michael Jackson.  The King of Pop, the legend, the singer.  I’m sure everybody were feeling bad.  Michael Jackson was already dead.

Los Angeles, June 26 (DPA) Pop star Michael Jackson died Thursday following a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles, officials said. He was 50.

The King of Pop, whose life of stardom and scandal kept him permanently in the headlines, was found unconscious at his rented Bel Air mansion and was rushed to the UCLA Medical Centre.

‘We were notified by LAPD that Michael Jackson was transferred from his house to the hospital,’ said Los Angeles County Coroner Fred Corral. ‘He was unresponsive and pronounced dead at approximately 2.26 this afternoon.’

Corral said an autopsy would be performed to check for toxicology and other problems. The results are to be released Friday.

A large crowd formed outside the medical centre and his home, playing Jackson’s music, as news crews and reporters jostled for stories and as news helicopters hovered overhead.

Corral said that he had suffered a cardiac arrest and local media reported Jackson had not been breathing when paramedics reached him. Reports from hospital first said he was in a coma, before numerous media reported his death.

‘We are just stunned – I can’t tell you what has taken place but everyone is just stunned,’ family spokesman Brian Oxman told CNN. Referring to reports that Jackson was in ill health, Oxman said he ‘feared and warned about’ the level of medication that Jackson was taking, though he stressed that ‘he was in fine condition. We have never seen him in any kind of weakened condition’.

Jackson is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince ‘Blanket’ Michael Jackson II.

Jackson had appeared increasingly frail and financially-challenged in recent years. Despite earning hundreds of millions of dollars he was reported to be $500 million in debt thanks largely to his eccentrically extravagant lifestyle. – yahoo

photo courtesy: contactmusic


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