Today is World Digestive Health Day (1)

Good morning friends.  Health is very important to everyone.  With a good body condition, we can do whatever we want, even it’s hard.  With reference to The Times of India, today is the World Digestive Health Day. 

Severe stomach cramps that sometimes send you racing to the toilet may not always be the common bacterial infection that causes a tummy upset. Several people, gastroenterologists say, could be suffering from a less commonly known disease called irritable bowel syndrome.

Bloating of the stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation (sometime they alternate) can lead people to stay put at home. Many of them manage to treat the symptoms on their own and, gastroenterologists, on World Digestive Health Day, say that less than half of them seek medical help.

“This is a dangerous trend. The primary reason for a person to go a doctor is not to get the irritable bowel syndrome diagnosed or treated but to rule out other diseases, including cancer, which can show similar symptoms. The diagnosis of a bowel disorder by a doctor is not the preliminary diagnosis. It’s made after ruling out other possible diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers, , colitis, Crohn’s disease or colon cancer. In some cases, a colonoscopy is used to examine the insides of a large bowel and it can even be followed up with an abdominal CT scan,” says Dr S M Chandramohan, head of gastroentric surgery, government general hospital.


One response to “Today is World Digestive Health Day (1)

  1. i use to be a pipe liner. I worked in the sewers i crawled sewer lines. I got a bacterial infection.Every since i can’t controll my bowls and its so inbaringsing not sure i spelled that word right please try to help me. Thank You Tammy


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