Now, English to reach remotest Guj

Good morning friends.  English language is a universal language.  It is very important that we all should learn this language to communicate with the majority.  I’m glad to tell you that English now will reach to remotest Gujarat.  We all know that many will benefit on this English language. With reference to The Times of India  English teaching will be taught  to some isolated area in Gujarat.


While the Samajwadi Party has vowed to work against use of English in education in its manifesto, the Gujarat government has decided to go in just the opposite direction — ensure that the language is taught in the remotest corners of the state.


A new scheme will be launched to teach English to standard VIII students in 164 schools in Gujarat’s eastern tribal belt. To benefit some 8,000 tribal children, this will include 120 tribal ashram shalas as well. Gujarat already has Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English (SCOPE) to teach the language to urban youth.

Thanks to satellite technology, the best teachers of English will reach out to the children.

“Ashram shalas are equipped with televisions and computers. The best teachers from Ahmedabad and Vadodara will be hired to give tutorials sitting in a studio at Bharkarachaya Institute for Space Application and Geoinformatics (BISAG) in Gandhinagar.”  

Teaching will start from the next academic year, but the government is gearing up now. Teachers from the tribals schools will be called to Gandhinagar for orientation courses.

They will have to remain present in the room while the tutorials are being telecast. The plan is to turn the teachers into local resource persons who will ensure that the children take interest.

Ahmedabad-based NGO Unnati-Organisation for Development Education, has been hired to do the job. Unnati director Binoy Acharya told TOI that the distance learning model was chosen because it is “difficult to take good English teachers to tribal areas”. “This is a pilot project, which will later be extended to all tribal schools. There will be around 35 sessions, each lasting one-and-a-half hours, with on-line facility for local teachers to interact with the tutor in BISAG.”

If the experiment is successful, the government plans to extend it to mathematics and science and then to other standards as well. As for English, the children will be given elementary knowledge, which will be followed up by monthly and quarterly tests.

“Answer books will be dispatched to Gandhinagar for regular checking in order to know the progress of each child and also whether distance learning in English can be extended to other subjects.”


2 responses to “Now, English to reach remotest Guj

  1. This is really a good news. Will there be anyone answerable? As you know, if there is no one to be answerable and no deadlines any good scheme will fail.

    You know the importance of answerability and deadlines. Someone has to be there to review the progress of any project.


  2. he Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English (SCOPE) has been setup by the Government of Gujarat to build English language proficiency in the youth of Gujarat and thereby provide employment opportunities for the youth. The Gujarat state hopes to help its youth exploit a booming economy’s opportunities by teaching them English. SCOPE is a specially formed body and is working with Cambridge ESOL on the project. Cambridge ESOL developed a new test called the Gujarat English Language Test, to assess ability related to the lower range of levels set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Tests are being subsidised by the Gujarat state government and are available to all members of the public. There are 533 centers1 with 5 Zonal Partners has taken the responsibility to make this dream true. According to data from the 2001 census (the latest available), Gujarat ranks 15th among Indian states in terms of literacy, with a literacy level of 69.98%. The male literacy level in the state is 80.5% and that of female, 58.6%. However, according to historical data such as the census of 1991 (similar data from the 2001 census is not available as yet), only 4.8% of people who are literate in the state graduates, with over 41.2% having been educated till the high-school level. No data on proficiency in English is available, but it is likely that this varies between the last two proportions—4.8% and 41.2%. The state government has been spending crores of rupees to train students in the language through SCOPE and English Language Lab. However, there are some positive signs of revival of the language in the state.
    The state government wants to change the perception that Gujaratis cannot speak or write good English. “We want to change this perception and equip our youth for the language the world understands” Modi said.
    “SCOPE has a target to train 35 lac youth in business English in a period of four years. In the first year 5 lac learners will have to be trained, for these 1000 training centers are to be setup across Gujarat.” – published in the brochures of SCOPE & Tripada Multicourse Pvt. Ltd, one of the three institutes that has been entrusted with the responsibility of teaching English under this programme. But So far about only 70,000 persons are trained under this scheme.2
    Educational Department propose to engage private agencies to provide teaching faculty for programme, and besides other infrastructure facilities, Government will provide a computer and LCD projector at each of the training centres. At least 10 to 15 such centres will be set up in each municipal corporation areas, while one centre will be allotted in each of the municipality areas at taluka-level.
    But due to various issue, SCOPE centers across the state have not been functioning properly.


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