NID workshop for art & craft teachers


Good Morning friends,

Something interesting for those who are teaching art and crafts. NID is offering faculty training and development programme for art and crafts teaches. Read the complete news below which I found on times of india website.


Faculty training and development programmes for science teachers are common, with a lot changing in their field. National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad is offering a similar opportunity for art and craft teachers.


Industry programmes and projects (IP&P) department at the institute is conducting a three-day summer workshop ‘Thinking with Design’.


Starting on April 21, its objective is to orient and empower teachers to benefit students by moulding their creative thinking towards design.


“There’s a slight distinction between art and design. The world has become open to the concept of design and this sensitivity needs to be instilled in children at an early age. This will be possible only if teachers have an inclination towards design,” said activity chairperson of IP&P Anil Sinha who will conducting the workshop.


At the workshop, minds of teachers will be opened up. So that they give students a chance to experiment. Art can’t be taught with instructions since it’s a creative field, only techniques can be taught, added Sinha.


The programme content will include what and why of design, elements and processes, and colour and design. It will have lecture sessions, individual and group assignments and case studies.


“We have received numerous inquiries, but confirmation only from 15 participants. While none are from Gujarat, eight are from Kolkata,” said Rupali Rai from IP&P. Participating teachers will be given a certificate.


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