Triplets delivered on ambulance

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One good thing happened which I believe that made my belief stronger. A lady from village gives birth to Triplets in Ambulance. All 3 baby boys and the mother were all healthy and perfectly ok.  I know that this incidents happened in many country.  But as I read this article and the first time I heard that it happened here in our city, so a lot of thinking arising from my mind.  Let me share you the story first. 


The 108 emergency service might well be nicknamed a mobile labour room on wheels. The first set of triplets was delivered on board this ambulance this week!


Gita Makwana, 25, delivered three identical sons on the 108 ambulance on Monday in Dantiwada of Sabarkantha district, from where she was being brought to a hospital for delivery from the nearby Sikariya village. The boys and mother are now home and doing fine.


“Gitaben was too poor to get any tests done. She just told me she had got a tetanus injection and had three deliveries earlier — all were girls of which one had died,” Ashok Chowdhary, emergency medical technician on duty, told TOI.


Ashok said as Gita’s stomach was hugely distended at full-term, he suspected there might be twins. “We had almost reached the local hospital when the head of the first child came out. I helped her deliver it. Then I saw a second head and called for the gynaecologist from the hospital and we delivered the second child.


Then as we massaged Gita’s abdomen post-delivery, we felt a third child. This child came out, legs first,” said a stunned Ashok who delivered triplets for the first time.


“I have aided delivery of five individual babies on 108 but triplets were the first and unique experience. All three boys were above two kg weight and vital signs were normal,” Chowdhary added.


My question and note is that while the babies were still there in the mother’s womb, who is taking care of them.  Even the mother herself didn’t know that she will be delivering triplets. Who works there inside the tummy of a mother and keep them safe and healthy there? For me, this is a miracle which has God had made.  Nothing is impossible when He want something to happen.  For you all out there, what do u think?  Does this thing done by  Almighty GOD or the  Divine Energy or a Science?


Reference:  The Times of India


2 responses to “Triplets delivered on ambulance

  1. Hi. My belief is that it is done by Almighty God.


  2. Yes, this is a miracle and can only be explained by faith in a Creator God! He is the one and only
    God who created you and loves you. In fact, he loves you so much that he gave his life for you. If you only believe and receive him, he will accept you as one of his own children.


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