Sachin Tendulkar apologies to would-be neighbors

Good Evening Friends, Something I can take proude on master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. He writes a letter of apologies to his would be neighbours. I think this shows his greatness as human. He allredy prove his greatness on playground. This is how great he is as human. It shows that he care for the people who are going to be his neighbours. I think this is the quality of Human. Being human we are suppose to care all who are around us.


In a gesture that has moved his would-be neighbours, Sachin Tendulkar has sent a letter apologising for the “inconvenience” caused by the construction work on a plot in suburban Bandra where he is building a new house.


Surprised by Tendulkar’s letter that was hand delivered, about 100 residents in the Perry Cross Road area, where the cricketer’s new abode is coming up, have welcomed the little master’s gesture.


“He is very humble and a true gentleman. He has not only won our hearts on the field but also moved us by this sincere gesture. We extend our full support to him,” said Yvette Gonsalves, resident of Perry Cross Road.


“Disturbance during any kind of construction work is inevitable. But Tendulkar need not worry about it. We are whole-heartedly welcoming our new neighbour,” she grinned.


Tendulkar who had bought the sprawling Dorab Villa earlier this year, is dismantling the existing structure to build a new multi-storeyed house.


The work at the site commenced two months ago.


Presently, piling work is on to prepare the foundation of the bungalow, which is expected to be ready within a year.


However the hectic construction work has drawn attention with neighbours discussing the ‘disturbance’.


“Residents of some buildings said that they could not take a nap in the afternoon and senior citizens are also being disturbed. Tendulkar’s letter has won their hearts,” said a watchman.

Local corporator Asif Zakaria applauded Tendulkar’s move. “It is good to know that such a big person understands problems of the common man”, he said.


The letter dated December 5 reads:


“My dear neighbours,

You must be aware that I have purchased a plot on Perry Cross Road, and the piling work for the construction of my house has already started. I was there at the site when the work commenced and I am aware of the noise generated by the machine. I want to reassure you that I will make sure that the work is done in a manner causing least inconvenience to all. 

Your cooperation is appreciated and I look forward to moving into the neighbourhood soon.”


I salute The Decent Human Sachin Tendulkar.


One response to “Sachin Tendulkar apologies to would-be neighbors

  1. No doubt. He is a great guy and a true gentleman. The fact that a super star like him who has tasted stardom at the age of 17 has kept his head on his shoulders all these years without letting success get to him is really admirable. A correct example of how success can corrupt is Vinod Kambli. Both of them started together, while Sachin kept his head, Vinod lost it and fell by the wayside.

    Kudos to Sachin


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