Education brings about change

Good morning friends.  It’s great to know the current situation here in our city.  I want to share with you all what I have read with referenced from Times of India. 


Actor Swaroop Sampat, wife of actor Paresh Rawal, feels Gujarati teachers have an amazing ability and zeal to learn new techniques and integrate them into enhancing their teaching skills.Sampat is in the state to conduct the third phase of her project, a unique educational program where children will be taught about life-skills using drama as a tool.

The project has been granted to Sampat by Chief Minister Narendra Modi as part of the proposed children’s university plan. When quizzed about the quality of teachers imparting education in the state, Sampat said that she was not really an expert on the subject to comment on the quality of teachers but said they definitely did show a capacity to learn fast and imbibe new techniques into teaching.  It needs mention that Sampat, who holds a PhD in education from Worcester University in England, is leading the project granted by Gujarat Council of Education, Research and Training (GCERT).

On Wednesday, Sampat worked ahead with her team of 30 teachers, who has been plucked from the remotest possible schools in the state, to be trainer as master-trainers in the art of bringing drama to teaching in schools. These teachers will then train other teachers with the final objective to completely revolutionize the way life skills are taught in the schools in the state.”The GCERT is doing good work in research,” said Sampat who is a native of Jamnagar and had shot to limelight when she won the Miss India pageant.

On being asked about her transition from beauty to education, Sampat said that she was always interested in education since she was a child. “I used to go and teach orphans when I was young. Education has always appealed to me as it is one of the greatest mediums to bring about change,” she said.


One response to “Education brings about change

  1. Yes, Education brings changes and the way these people doing i am sure children are going to get benefit from it, i like to congratulate them.


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