Gujarati beauty lights up UK this Diwali

A nice news to share with you all this Diwali time.  I’m sure if all our children will help their parents, there will be handful help.  And also with this, children will be prepared somewhat to do their own business if time comes.  Let me share it with you.


She’s a cracker of a beauty. And, after winning hearts in UK when she was crowned Miss Great Britain two years ago, this girl with roots in south Gujarat is lighting up the country yet again. This Diwali, she is lending a hand to her father’s business, helping him sell crackers from his shop in Middlesborough.


Before Preeti Desai, 27, set out to walk the ramp and moved to London, she was a regular at her father’s shop, G2 Fireworks. But, a successful career in modelling and the crown have not kept Preeti away from being a help to her father as Indians in UK set out to celebrate Diwali.

“Even after she won the Miss Great Britain title, she helps me in my business. With her busy schedule in modelling and trips abroad she finds time for my business. She always takes interest in our family business,” says Preeti’s father Jitu Desai, who hails from a village near Surat and moved to UK at the age of 14. Preeti is the first person of Indian origin to win the Miss Great Britain title. Her interest in her father’s fireworks business is evident, with her official website full of her experiences in the shop.

“I officially began working for the family business and was made a partner of the company which I’d helped build up after years of working since my childhood. The company is all year round work for my parents. Me and my mum handle the retail side of things on Borough Road, Middlesborough,” says her website.

Jitu Desai, popularly known as a ‘master pyrotechnic’, has done wonders with his company, which has provided fireworks for important celebrations in UK like Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve.



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